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A new era 2016: Digital Marketing & Big Data Analytics

Marketing is not just managing campaigns, data warehousing and social media engagement. Marketing is about connecting everything to do with revenue and finding the best growth opportunities, not just the relevant dialogue and making the right moves with all of our marketing investments, not just running better campaigns. Digital Marketing is probably one of the most misunderstood terms […]


Digital Marketing Essentials Kolkata 2016 – 1Day Weekend Workshop

Digital Marketing is full of acronyms, jargon and constant change. All IT giants have embraced it namely Microsoft, Google, Adobe and many others. The future for Digital Marketing is bright and promising. To help you get an insight in to this confusing yet powerful modern day marketing strategy – Learnpact is organizing an 1 day […]


25 Best SEO / Digital Marketing companies in Kolkata

Digital Marketing is one of fastest growing sectors in last 2 years. As per a recent study concluded by Mondo (A platform for hiring IT & Digital Marketing Talent), the top Digital Marketing skill sets companies are hiring in the year 2016 would be digital/social (54%), content creation (44%), big data/analytics (33%) & mobile strategy (30%). The report further […]


Digital Marketing Course / Institute Review & Fees Comparison

Digital Marketing is one of the top 5 growing sectors since the year 2009. Unlike the popular belief that Internet / Online Marketing is same as Digital Marketing; the later focuses on the digital media rather than internet marketing alone.  This fast evolving marketing field is recognized and accepted by small companies to MNCs who […]


FREE Guide: How to clear the Google Adwords Certification exam?

What is Google Adwords ? Google certification in Search Advertisement / Analytics or Display Marketing is one of the best ways to demonstrate proficiency and establish credibility with prospective employers and or clients. Google undoubtedly is the world’s largest search engine with millions of pageviews per hour – Google’s Ad product – Adwords is the largest […]


Scope of SEO as a Career Choice: Pros, Cons, Job, Salary & Career growth

A lot of people who are in SEO profession we met, entered the field unintentionally. Some way or the other, they stumbled upon this field either because of the sheer thrill or the curiosity. Don’t you wish if someone would have told you what to expect when you first discovered this fascinating career choice? A […]


Get FREE Rs 2000 Ad budget with Advanced Digital Marketing Certification

Limited Period Offer for Kolkata Participants Offer on Advanced Digital Marketing certification course At Learnpact we believe that doing is learning. This is your chance to register for the Digital Marketing course  at 10% discounted fees, applicable for our kolkata branch. Moreover get bonus Rs 2000 Ad credits which students can use to make honest […]