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Courses with 100% Job Guarantee. Learn high-demand Digital skills in Generative AI, Digital Marketing 2.0, Automation, Website, Cross-platform Mobile App and Full-stack Development.


Β  Β 4.58 Rated & Top 25 Global Awarded Academy

Practical Mentoring

Learn from Senior level Practitioners from the industry, NOT so-called trainers. Learn job oriented skills.

Build your Portfolio

No fluff training methodology, we help you build your skills and projects to demo and prove your worth.

Employment support

Unconditional support and mentoring to set you on a path to job or self-employment post completion of the program.

Featured Course

Digital Performance Marketing 2.0

Beginner-friendly curriculum. Learn all the core Skills you need to become successful in your Job or Startup venture or Family business.

6 case studies + Capstone project + 5 Electives

+ Unlimited Employment Support in CLP program

Goal Setting & Planning

Learn to create brand identities and digital experiences. Master the tools and techniques needed to generate leads, plan and track campaigns and KPIs for reporting campaign status.

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Segments & Personas

Learn to craft and measure the digital footprints of your visitor. Their goals, motivation, challenges, and persona will define Organic and Ad campaigns.

― Learn more
Landing Page

Building Web Presence

Learn to create beautiful websites, high-converting landing pages, and insert marketing tags all by yourself. Reduce dependency on Developers, and be a rockstar!

― Learn more

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Learn the art and science behind Google rankings. Techniques, tools, and smart ways to rank websites, blogs, and youtube videos. Covering On-page, Off-Page, and technical SEO.Β 

― Learn more

Leveraging Social Media

Learn social media marketing – Organic and paid Ads. Learn how to create monthly content calendar, design informative posts, automate and iteratively build communities.

― Learn more
Paid Ads

Google Ads - Search & Display

Learn to advertise a business, person, product, or service using online channels to generate a lead or build brand awareness. Covering Search, Display Ads.

― Learn more

Content Strategy & Video Marketing

Learn to create your Content marketing calendar. Find out how to get ideas to create content and post on Blogs, Social, Youtube, and other media platforms auto-magically!

― Learn more
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Performance Analytics & CRO

Learn how to tag, track and measure performance. Improve the conversion rates without having to increase budgets, and deliver more value to clients.

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Choose from 5 Specializations

Choose a specialization you find interesting for your career goals. While choosing focus on your interests and career prospects.


How long do you need to see results?

3 – 5 L

Average Fresher Salary

4 – 6 M



Average Interview Rounds


skill development hours

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Beginner-friendly curriculum.

Unlock your potential with courses that empower you in entrepreneurship, automation, and comprehensive coding tracks for full-stack and low-code app development.

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The Learnpact career launcher program is designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to build a new and better future. Whether you are fresh out of college or looking to re-launch your career in a fast-changing tech-dominated industry, we can help you develop the mindset and skillset you need for success.

Our programs focus on helping you grow professionally and personally, giving you the tools you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. We can help you learn new skills, gain confidence, and make the most of your talents. With Learnpact, you can launch your career confidently, knowing you have the tools and resources you need to succeed.

In the ever-growing and demanding world of marketing, digital marketing has become one of the most popular and in-demand skills. If you’re interested in becoming a digital marketer, however, it’s important to note that the field is becoming increasingly saturated – especially for those starting from scratch. This is where Digital Performance Marketing 2.0 comes into play. By focusing on making campaigns successful with a goal-oriented approach, this performance marketing method differentiates itself from others in the field. Learn how to get more from the same budgets, add immense value to end customers, and make it a win-win for your company and clients.

In a world of over-hyped “learn to code” programs, the truth is that not everyone can be coders and not everyone should be coders.

Programming is a job that requires abstract thinking, logical thinking, and attention to detail. Freshers need to comprehend the realities of a workplace – if you don’t enjoy coding, you won’t be successful and have a fulfilling career with it. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn digital skills and no-code tech skills.

With modern tools and techniques, you can confidently solve problems on your own with speed and creativity. At Learnpact, we teach you how to do that.

Digital performance marketing is a top choice for those who want to get hired fast and stay relevant to the current market trend. You can be a BBA, BCA, BSC, BA or MBA, you can acquire digital tech skills even if you have a non-engineering background. Additionally, companies are more and more willing to quickly build software without hiring a development team. By learning no-code and low-code tools- you can create a mobile or web app in hours instead of weeks all by yourself. It can make your profile attractive and valuable to the job marketplace.

Are you a business owner / Solopreneur or Small businessman? It is very easy to start believing that you are going digital – whether using digital tools or marketing. The issue remains, although you are spending time and money, you don’t see results. If you outsource to an agency, they don’t give you the return on investment which you hope to get out from the engagement! The solution is to upskill your own knowledge with Learnpact’s DPM 2.0 and Business Automation programs to use digital tools and techniques as a growth lever for your traditional business.

Are you looking for Jobs in IT without Programming? There are semi-tech roles in IT industry that doesn’t demand hard coding skills. Some of them are Project/Product Management, Quality Testing, Business Analyst, Tech Support Roles, Growth Hacker, and Digital Performance Marketing roles to name a few. With Learnpact on your side, we help you become employable in 90 days.

Some roles which are highly rewarding after MBA in the current job marketplace are:

  • Product/ Project Manager.
  • Business Development Manager.
  • Key Account Manager.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Analytics Manager.
  • System Manager.
  • Data Processing Manager.
  • Business Analyst.


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Read on for stories of real students who followed the system and worked hard to achieve goals they never thought were possible. Be inspired to create your own success story!

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Look no further! Embark on a step-by-step career modeling journey of 90 days.

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