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Certified AI Prompt Engineer

– For Artists, Designers, Content Creators, Developers and AI Enthusiasts

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Aug 1
Next Batch begins on Aug 1. Application closes: July 20, 2024
4 w
4 weeks program. Time commitment needed 4-6 hrs per week
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Certified AI Prompt Engineer course fee: ₹ 12,600
Who Should Join?

Learn from Top Practitioners from the industry.

This course is more than just learning about AI. It’s about empowering you to become a skilled AI prompt engineer. Skilled as a communicator who can bridge the gap between human creativity and the immense potential of artificial intelligence using the latest tools and techniques in Generative AI.

Career Changers

Anyone looking to transition into the high-demand field of Generative AI can benefit from AI Prompt Engineering, a sophisticated method for using LLMs.


Content Creators & Marketers

Writers, designers, and marketing professionals seeking to leverage AI for content creation, copywriting, and marketing campaigns.

Artists & Designers

Artists, musicians, and visual designers exploring the creative possibilities of AI-generated art and media.

Developers & AI Enthusiasts

Developers and individuals curious about the technical aspects of AI prompting and its applications.

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Key Program Takeaways

Live QnA: Engage directly with leading experts in AI prompting and get your questions answered.

Interactive AI Playground: Experiment with different AI models and prompting techniques

Gain hands-on experience on AI platforms like Gemini, LLAMA, OpenAI, Dall-E and many more…

Ace prompt engineer interviews and land your dream job in the field of the ever-growing AI.

Who are your instructors?

Senior Industry experts with 10+ years of experience

From bold start-ups to big corporate names, your instructors have worked for Global clients to help them accelerate growth through Digital & AI.

Become a Certified Generative AI Prompt Engineer

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Certified AI Prompt Engineer (Non-Coding Track)

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This intensive program equips creative minds and aspiring AI professionals with the art and science of crafting effective AI prompts. We’ll delve beyond the basics, exploring advanced techniques, real-world applications, and popular tools to help you unlock the full potential of AI and turn your ideas into reality.

Whether you’re a writer, marketer, artist, developer, or simply curious about AI’s creative potential, this course will empower you to become a master AI prompt engineer.

Certified AI Prompt Engineer

  • Understanding AI Fundamentals: Demystifying the core concepts of machine learning and large language models (LLMs).
  • The Art & Science of AI Prompt Engineering: Learning how prompts shape AI outputs and exploring different prompt styles and techniques.
  • AI for Different Creative Applications: Uncovering the potential of AI in writing, design, music, and various creative fields.

  • Defining Your Goals & Target Audience: Understanding your desired outcome and tailoring prompts to specific needs.
  • Instructional Clarity & Context Setting: Providing clear instructions and relevant context for the AI model.
  • Prompt Techniques: Explore various prompting concepts and techniques such as zero-shot and few-shot prompting, Chain of Thought Prompting, Knowledge Generation Prompting, Directional Stimulus Prompting and more
  • Leveraging AI Capabilities & Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Understanding the strengths and limitations of AI to craft effective prompts (e.g., avoiding bias, factual accuracy).

  • Written Content:
    • Blog Posts: Generate informative and engaging blog posts on any topic with clear instructions and relevant data integration.
    • Articles & Press Releases: Craft well-structured articles and press releases with consistent voice and style.
    • Website Copy & Product Descriptions: Write compelling website copy and product descriptions that drive conversions.
    • Fiction & Poetry: Unleash your inner author and explore creative writing genres using AI for inspiration and unique ideas.
  • Visual Content:
    • Social Media Reels & Videos: Craft engaging short-form video content with AI-generated scripts, storyboards, and even scene descriptions.
    • Images & Illustrations: Generate stunning visuals for social media posts, marketing materials, or even concept art for creative projects.
    • Motion Graphics & Animations: Use AI prompts to create dynamic motion graphics and animations, adding a unique touch to your presentations or explainer videos.
  • Marketing & Advertising:
    • Ad Copy & Slogans: Develop catchy ad copy and slogans for diverse marketing campaigns, tailoring them to specific target audiences.
    • Email Marketing Campaigns: Generate personalized email marketing content that resonates with your audience and drives action.
    • Landing Page Content: Craft compelling landing pages with clear calls to action, leveraging AI for persuasive copywriting.
  • Beyond the Basics:
    • Short Films & Scripts: Experiment with AI prompts for scriptwriting, story development, and even dialogue generation (remember, proper editing and human input are still crucial).
    • Data-Driven Infographics: Generate informative infographics based on datasets, using AI to translate data into visually engaging content.
    • Song Lyrics & Musical Compositions: Explore the creative possibilities of AI for songwriting, generating lyrics in different styles and even basic musical compositions.

  • PromptBase: Integrate relevant datasets and domain knowledge into your prompts for increased accuracy and factual grounding.
  • Scaffolding & Chain-of-Thought Prompting: Master these frameworks to guide AI models through complex tasks and achieve more nuanced results.
  • OpenAI API & Transformers (Bonus): Learn how to leverage Python libraries for custom prompt development with advanced functionalities (optional module for developers).

  • Developing Your AI Project: Applying your learned skills to a specific project using AI prompts. This could be writing compelling marketing copy, generating creative artwork, or building an AI-powered chatbot.
  • Prompt Engineering Sessions with AI Experts: Get hands-on experience working with popular AI platforms and tools during live sessions with industry experts (e.g., GPT, Gemini, LaMDA, Dall-E).
  • Project Showcase & Community Feedback: Present your completed project to the class and receive valuable feedback from instructors and peers.

  • Exploring Emerging Technologies & Applications: Staying ahead of the curve by learning about cutting-edge advancements in AI prompting.
  • Career Opportunities in AI Prompt Engineering: Understanding potential career paths and acquiring the skills relevant to the growing field of AI.
  • Building Your AI Prompt Engineering Portfolio: Curating your best project outputs and crafting a compelling portfolio to showcase your skills.

  • Deep Dive into AI Model Architectures: Gain a deeper understanding of how different AI models work and how prompts interact with them.
  • Building Custom AI Prompts with Python Libraries: Overview how to leverage libraries like OpenAI API and Transformers to create custom prompts with advanced functionalities.


Any graduate can apply for this course

Much like how personal computers and smartphones transformed our world, AI prompt engineering is the next transformative skill, empowering a new generation of innovators.

The quality of a prompt determines the quality of AI’s output. A well-designed prompt can unveil a wealth of accurate responses, while a poorly constructed one can led to irrelevant or inaccurate results.

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