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Cross Platform App Development with Flutter

– Dart, Flutter with Firestore for Cross Platform Mobile App Development.

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Aug 1
Next Cohort begins on Aug 1st. Application closes: July 20, 2024
10 m
4+6 months program. Time commitment needed 4-6 hrs per week
Get Guaranteed Placement in this Job Guarantee Diploma(JGD) program
Early-bird Program Fee: ₹ 76,600. Scholarship for underpriviledged*
Program Hightlights

Learn from Top Practitioners from the industry.

Learn from real-time industry practitioners and not Trainers and University Lecturers.
Practitioners teach you project skills required to deliver your job or self-employment.
Learn through real-life industry projects and case studies.
Demonstrate Proof-of-Work during interviews.

Become Employment Ready

We transform the way you look at the modern job market. Become a magnet to attract employers to you.

High-end Program Curriculum

Learn concepts and playbooks to apply those concepts for succeeding at your Job or Self-employ. We support you both ways.

Demonstrate Proof of Expertise

Your work will speak volumes so that you become confident in your craft and get certified by Google, FB, Hubspot, and other Top brands.

No-code AI & Automation Skills

Become a smart Digital professional with No-code Automation skills. Reduce dependency on IT/Dev team to express your ideas & grow.

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We will email you the PDF program brochure with curriculum and key benefits.

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Key Program Takeaways

Develop a Growth mindset

Learn how to be agile and pivot quickly and easily in a data-driven way to have a competitive edge in the market.

Case studies & Playbooks

In the highly competitive and fast-evolving business landscape, we at Learnpact equip you with case studies & playbooks.

Job Placement Guarantee & Assistance

Benefit from dedicated career services – job search guidance, and a network of potential employers seeking top Flutter Cross Platform developers.

Learn from Practitioners

Get real-world insights into digital delivery and implementation techniques and tools used by top companies worldwide.

Career Launch Support

We help you create an Impressive Resume & Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile and navigate Job Search and Interview Preparation.

Global Recognition

Get certified and recognized for your skills backed by Top Global companies. Additionally, earn the Learnpact Program completion and excellence certificate.

Proof of Skills

This program is designed for action takers. By the end of the program flaunt a digital showcase of your skills and accomplishments.

Mock Interviews

Gain confidence through mock interviews and personalized career coaching sessions tailored to Flutter Cross platform development positions.

Who are your instructors?

Senior Industry experts with 10+ years of experience

From bold start-ups to big corporate names, your instructors have run and managed multi-million-dollar campaigns for clients to help them accelerate growth through Digital.


Get Certified by Google Flutter & Learnpact Diploma Certificate for Cross Platform App Development in Flutter & Dart

Job Guarantee Diploma (J.G.D) Program Success Stories

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Program Modules

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At the end of this program, you’ll not only possess the technical skills to build beautiful, functional mobile apps, but also the knowledge to integrate powerful Firebase features for user authentication, data storage, notifications, analytics, and more. Additionally, you’ll be prepared to navigate the app store publishing process and get your creations in front of a global audience.

Our results-oriented curriculum is delivered by industry expert instructors, goes beyond traditional courses by providing a project-based learning experience and dedicated career services to ensure your success.

10 Core Modules

  • Understanding Cross-Platform Development: Define the role of a Cross-Platform developer and explore the career landscape for Flutter developers.
  • Setting Career Goals: Identify your career aspirations and create a personalized roadmap for success with guidance from career coaches.
  • Introduction to the 100% Job Guarantee Program (Eligibility & Requirements): Learn about the program’s structure, eligibility criteria, and the support provided to secure your dream job (full details and terms and conditions provided during enrollment).

  • Flutter Framework Deep Dive: Explore the core concepts of the Flutter framework, including widgets, state management, and UI design principles.
  • Dart Programming Fundamentals: Learn the basics of Dart syntax, object-oriented programming concepts, and asynchronous programming in Dart.
  • Building Interactive Flutter Apps: Hands-on exercises to create interactive user interfaces, handle user input, and implement basic app functionalities.

  • Advanced Flutter Widgets & Layouts: Master advanced widget techniques, explore different layout options, and build complex user interfaces.
  • State Management in Flutter: Deep dive into state management solutions like Provider and BLoC to manage application state effectively.
  • Network Calls & Data Handling: Integrate APIs into your Flutter apps to fetch and display data from external sources.
  • Navigation & Routing in Flutter: Learn to navigate between different screens in your app and manage user flow efficiently.

  • Introduction to Firebase: Explore the core functionalities of Firebase and its role in backend development for mobile apps.
  • Firebase Authentication: Integrate Firebase Authentication features like user registration, login, and social login into your Flutter apps.
  • Firebase Realtime Database & Cloud Firestore: Learn to store and manage app data using Firebase’s Realtime Database and Cloud Firestore, exploring both options.
  • Firebase Cloud Storage: Integrate Firebase Cloud Storage to manage user-generated content like images and videos within your Flutter apps.
  • Firebase Cloud Functions: Understand serverless functions with Firebase Cloud Functions to handle backend logic without managing servers.

  • Introduction to BigQuery: Explore the capabilities of BigQuery, Google’s cloud data warehouse, for analyzing large datasets.
  • Connecting Flutter Apps to BigQuery: Learn to connect your Flutter apps to BigQuery to retrieve and visualize data for insights.
  • BigQuery for Data Analysis: Master basic data querying techniques in BigQuery to analyze data stored from your Flutter applications.
  • Data Visualization with BigQuery: Explore tools and techniques to visualize data retrieved from BigQuery for effective presentation.

  • Data Visualization in Flutter: Turn BigQuery data into charts, graphs, or maps within your app.
  • Data Integration with UI: Seamlessly display BigQuery data for user interaction.
  • State Management for Dynamic Data: Effectively handle dynamic data updates in your UI.
  • Authentication & Authorization: Control access to sensitive BigQuery data.
  • Offline Data Management: Ensure app functionality even without an internet connection.
  • Firebase App Analytics integration
  • Crashlytics Integration: Integrate Firebase Crashlytics to monitor crashes and errors in your deployed app, allowing you to identify and fix issues after release.
  • Pre-Deployment Checklist: Prepare your app for app store submission (signing, assets, guidelines).

  • Crafting a Compelling Portfolio: Learn best practices for portfolio development, showcasing your cross platform Flutter skills and real-world projects.
  • The Art of the Flutter Interview: Master interview techniques for cross platform Flutter roles, prepare for common interview questions, and develop strong communication skills to impress hiring managers.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing: Craft a compelling resume and cover letter that highlight your cross platform Flutter expertise and target specific job roles.
  • Mock Interviews & Job Search Support: Participate in mock interviews tailored to Flutter development and receive personalized job search support to land your dream job.
  • App Store & Play Store Publishing: Demystify the app submission process for both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Learn about store guidelines, screenshots, app descriptions, pricing strategies, and the entire process of getting your Flutter app published and available to millions of users.

Learnpact’s Full Stack Web & App Developer with Flutter Stack Capstone project gives learners the opportunity to implement the skills they have learned throughout this program.

You will be given real-life industry-aligned problems where you will be provided guidance and complete required tasks.

The project work is the final step in Full Stack Web & App Developer with Flutter Stack and will help you to show your expertise in Full Stack Development to employers.

  • We help you Craft a compelling developer portfolio showcasing your Full stack skills and the web applications you’ve built throughout the program.
  • Master the art of the Full stack developer interview with mock interview sessions and personalized coaching. Learn how to effectively communicate your technical skills and problem-solving abilities to potential employers.
  • Refine your resume and cover letter writing skills to target Full stack development job applications, highlighting your strengths and relevant experience.


Any graduate can apply, mini assessment will be required to access eligibility for program enrollment.

Our core objective is your successful career launch as a Full stack developer with Flutter & Dart. We achieve this through a rigorous curriculum, personalized career coaching, and a unique 100% money-back guarantee (*see details below). We track your progress through several key phases:

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Capstone Project

Learn by Doing
Capstone Projects

Gen-AI based Recommendation System
Real-time Video streaming & virtual conferencing App
AI based fitness tracker
Social Media content generator
Salesforce CRM integration

Job Guarantee Program(JGP)

Unlimited Employment Support

We are dedicated to supporting your career goals, whether you are just starting out, aiming for new heights, or returning to the workforce.

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