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Professional Diploma in Unity 3D

– For B.Tech / MCA or BCA or any graduate with a Math / Coding background

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Aug 16
Next Cohort begins on Aug 16th. Application closes: July 30, 2024
12 m
12 months program. Time commitment needed 4-6 hrs per week
Get Guaranteed placement support in this Job Guarantee program
Early-bird Program Fee: ₹ 96,600. Scholarship for underpriviledged*
Program Hightlights

Learn from Top Practitioners from the industry. 

Learn from real-time industry practitioners and not Trainers and University Lecturers.
Practitioners teach you project skills required to deliver your job or self-employment.
Learn through real-life industry projects and case studies.
Demonstrate Proof-of-Work during interviews.

Become Employment Ready

Apply your learned skills through practical workshops, solidifying your understanding and building a strong portfolio.

High-end Program Curriculum

Real-World Project Simulations: Work collaboratively on game development projects that mimic real-world development workflows, gaining valuable experience.

Demonstrate Proof of Expertise

Receive ongoing feedback and mentorship from instructors and industry professionals to refine your portfolio for industry standards.

Live QnA with Industry experts

Learn from working game artists and industry experts through guest lectures and Q&A sessions, gaining valuable insights into the professional landscape.

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Key Program Takeaways

Program is delivered by experienced Unity developers, covering essential Unity 3D functionalities, C# programming concepts, and game design principles.

Solidify your understanding of C# syntax and game development concepts through practical coding exercises and challenges. Live QnA and coding reviews for best practices.

Work on individual and collaborative game development projects that mimic real-world development workflows, gaining valuable experience in the entire game creation process.

Get placed and start a career

Mobile Game Developer, Unity Developer, Game Programmer (Mobile), Mobile Game Scripter (Unity), Unity Game Logic Developer, Game Scripting Developer

Who are your instructors?

Senior Industry experts with 10+ years of experience

From bold start-ups to big corporate game development companies, your instructors have designed and developed blockbuster games for mobile and PC using Unity 3D.

Certifications Support

Get Certified as an Unity Associate Programmer and also earn a Diploma in Unity 3D from Learnpact

Job Guarantee Diploma (J.G.D) Program

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Program Modules

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This Diploma program is aimed at:

  • Aspiring Game Developers: Individuals passionate about games and eager to learn the skills to create their own using Unity 3D.
  • Career Changers: Professionals seeking to enter the dynamic field of game development with a focus on Unity.
  • Recent Graduates: Graduates with programming backgrounds aiming to specialize in Unity development and stand out in the competitive job market.

Benefit from personalized career coaching, resume and interview preparation workshops, and internship placement assistance.

Core Modules

  • The Game Development Landscape: Explore the different roles within game development and understand the game development lifecycle.
  • Introduction to Unity 3D: Gain an overview of the Unity 3D interface, core functionalities, and development workflow.
  • Unity Project Setup & Asset Management: Learn how to set up Unity projects, import assets, and organize your project effectively.
  • C# Programming Fundamentals for Games: Explore the basics of C# programming, including syntax, data types, operators, control flow statements, and functions, focusing on their application in game development.

  • Working with Prefabs & GameObjects: Master the concept of prefabs, creating and utilizing them to streamline your game development workflow.
  • Scene Management & Level Design: Learn how to build levels within Unity, manage different scenes, and implement scene transitions.
  • Scripting Fundamentals in Unity: Dive into scripting fundamentals within Unity, including attaching scripts to GameObjects, handling user input, and creating basic game mechanics.
  • Animation in Unity: Explore different animation techniques in Unity, including skeletal animation and animation controllers.

  • Core Game Design Concepts: Understand core game design principles like game mechanics, game loops, and player engagement strategies.
  • Prototyping & Playtesting: Learn rapid prototyping techniques in Unity to quickly iterate on your game ideas and gather player feedback through playtesting.
  • Building Engaging Mechanics with Unity: Implement core game mechanics like movement, physics, and collisions within your Unity projects, bringing your game ideas to life.
  • Inventory & Resource Management: Explore techniques for implementing inventory systems, resource management, and player progression within your games.

  • 2D Game Development in Unity: Deep dive into the specifics of building 2D games in Unity, including working with sprites, tilemaps, and 2D physics engines like Box2D.
  • 3D Game Development in Unity: Master the fundamentals of building 3D games in Unity, covering 3D modeling basics, importing assets, working with materials, lighting, and cameras.
  • Character Creation & Animation: Learn techniques for creating characters in 3D, including basic modeling, texturing, and implementing skeletal animation for in-game movement.
  • Environment Design & Level Building: Explore the process of environment design and level building in Unity, utilizing prefabs, terrain tools, and placement strategies.

  • Game Physics & AI: Understand the principles of game physics and artificial intelligence (AI) in games. Implement these concepts within your Unity projects to create realistic interactions and engaging gameplay with AI-controlled enemies or characters.
  • UI/UX Design for Games: Learn the principles of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design specific to games, crafting intuitive and user-friendly game interfaces using Unity’s UI tools.
  • Networking & Multiplayer Games (Elective Module): Explore the complexities of networking in Unity, enabling you to build multiplayer games where players can connect and interact online.
  • Version Control & Collaboration: Master version control systems like Git to manage your code effectively and collaborate seamlessly with other developers on game projects.
    Performance Optimization: Learn techniques to optimize your game’s performance, ensuring smooth gameplay across different platforms (mobile, PC, consoles).

  • Portfolio Powerhouse: Craft a professional game development portfolio showcasing your Unity skills and playable game projects. Learn industry-standard portfolio presentation techniques and how to tailor your portfolio to specific game development job roles.
  • The Art of cracking Game Developer Interview: Master interview techniques specific to Unity development positions. Prepare for common interview questions, develop a strong developer pitch, and learn how to confidently present your portfolio and game projects.
  • Industry Portfolio Reviews & Mentorship: Receive valuable feedback and mentorship from experienced Unity developers on your game projects and portfolio, refining your work for industry standards.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing: Craft a compelling resume and cover letter that highlight your Unity development skills, experiences, and game projects, targeting specific job roles.
  • Internship & Job Placement Support: Benefit from dedicated career services, including resume and interview preparation workshops tailored to Unity development positions, and internship placement assistance. We connect you with internship opportunities at game studios, granting you practical experience in a professional setting.

  • Advanced Game Development Capstone Project: Work on a culminating capstone project, individually or collaboratively, building a substantial game using your acquired Unity skills. This project simulates a real-world game development scenario, allowing you to apply your knowledge to a complete game creation process.
  • The Future of Game Development: Explore emerging trends and advancements in game development technologies and tools, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development with Unity.
  • Building a Sustainable Learning Habit: Develop strategies for continuous learning and staying updated with the ever-evolving game development landscape and Unity updates.
  • Freelancing in Game Development (Optional Module): Explore the world of freelance game development, including business practices, client communication, and portfolio marketing strategies specific to Unity developers.

Assessment & Evaluation

Become Industry Ready in 12 months

Master interview techniques specific to game art positions. Prepare for common interview questions, develop a strong artist statement, and learn how to confidently present your portfolio.

Your progress will be evaluated through a combination of methods throughout the program:

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Capstone Project

Learn by Doing
Capstone Projects

Spiny the Wolf – Game Development
FreezeTime – 2D puzzle Game Development
Dimensionless – Game Development
Too fast to win! – Space Car racer
Age of Drones – Drone war game

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