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Professional Diploma in Game Art & Design

– For 10th and 12th pass or graduate in Arts and Design

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Aug 16
Next Cohort begins on Aug 16th. Application closes: July 30, 2024. Apply Now for Early Bird
12 m
12 months program. Time commitment needed 4-6 hrs per week
Get Guaranteed placement support in this Job Guarantee program
Early-bird Program Fee: ₹ 76,600. Scholarship for underpriviledged*
Program Hightlights

Learn from Top Practitioners from the industry. 

Learn from real-time industry practitioners and not Trainers and University Lecturers.
Practitioners teach you project skills required to deliver your job or self-employment.
Learn through real-life industry projects and case studies.
Demonstrate Proof-of-Work during interviews.

Become Employment Ready

Apply your learned skills through practical workshops, solidifying your understanding and building a strong portfolio.

High-end Program Curriculum

Real-World Project Simulations: Work collaboratively on game art projects that mimic real-world development workflows, gaining valuable experience.

Demonstrate Proof of Expertise

Receive ongoing feedback and mentorship from instructors and industry professionals to refine your portfolio for industry standards.

Live QnA with Industry experts

Learn from working game artists and industry experts through guest lectures and Q&A sessions, gaining valuable insights into the professional landscape.

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We will email you the PDF program brochure with curriculum and key benefits.

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Key Program Takeaways

Confidently create high-quality 2D and 3D game art assets using industry-standard software such as Construct 3, GameMaker Studio 2, Unity, Godot Engine, Unreal Engine

Learnpact covers design, art, animation, and preparing you for industry careers. Craft a compelling game art portfolio that showcases your skills and creativity, impressing potential game studios.

Tools: Adobe Audition, Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine, Illustrator, Quixel, Substance Painter, Zbrush, Motion Builder, Unity Game Engine

Get placed and start a career as a Character Artist, Mobile Game Designer, Mobile Game Artist or 2D Artist, Game UI/UX Designer, Game Rigging Artist, Game Environment Artist or Game Animator.

Who are your instructors?

Senior Industry experts with 10+ years of experience

From bold start-ups to big corporate names, your instructors are experienced art and creative directors having done several professional studio projects.

Certifications Support

Get Certified from Unity as a Game Artist and also earn a Professional Diploma in Game Art Design

Job Guarantee Diploma(J.G.D) Program

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Program Modules

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This Diploma program is aimed at:

  • Aspiring Game Artists: Individuals passionate about games and eager to transform their artistic talents into a fulfilling career.
  • Career Changers: Professionals seeking to enter the exciting field of game art and design.
  • Recent Graduates: Graduates with artistic backgrounds aiming to specialize in game art and stand out in the competitive job market.

Benefit from personalized career coaching, resume and interview preparation workshops, and internship placement assistance.

10 Core Modules

  • The Game Development Landscape: Explore the different roles within game development and understand the game art pipeline.
  • Game Art Fundamentals: Learn the core principles of game art, including color theory, composition, lighting, and perspective.
  • 2D & 3D Art Assets in Games: Distinguish between 2D and 3D art assets in games and their functionalities.
  • Industry Standard Software Overview: Gain an introduction to industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter.

  • 2D Character Design: Master the art of creating compelling characters for 2D games, including character creation process, anatomy, and character animation basics.
  • 2D Environment Art: Learn to design and build visually appealing 2D game environments, including level design principles, environment storytelling, and tile-based environments.
  • 2D Game Animation: Explore basic animation principles for 2D games, including character animation techniques and creating smooth in-game animations.
  • UI/UX Design for Games: Understand the principles of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for games, creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces.

  • 3D Modeling for Games: Master the fundamentals of 3D modeling for games, learning techniques for creating high-quality 3D models using industry-standard software.
  • 3D Texturing & Materials: Explore techniques for creating realistic and visually appealing textures and materials for your 3D game assets.
  • 3D Lighting & Rendering: Learn how to light and render your 3D scenes effectively, creating the desired atmosphere and visual style for your game.
  • Introduction to Game Engines (Unity or Unreal Engine): Gain a foundational understanding of popular game engines, focusing on one engine (Unity or Unreal Engine) to learn basic asset integration workflows.
  • Concept Art & Storytelling for Games: Develop your artistic vision and create compelling concept art that translates into captivating game worlds and characters. Learn techniques for environment concept art, character concept art, and storyboarding for games.
  • Game Art Animation (Advanced): Deep dive into advanced animation principles for games, including character rigging, animation cycles, and integrating animations into game engines.
  • Art Direction & Style Guides: Gain a comprehensive understanding of art direction in games, including creating and maintaining a cohesive visual style for your projects. Learn how to interpret design documents and translate them into visual concepts.
  • Technical Art & Optimization: Master techniques for optimizing your game art assets to ensure smooth performance across different platforms. Learn about polygon reduction, texture baking, and level of detail (LOD) techniques.

  • Portfolio: Build a professional game art portfolio showcasing your diverse skillset. Learn industry-standard portfolio presentation techniques and how to tailor your portfolio to specific game art jobs.
  • The Art of the Game Art Interview: Master interview techniques specific to game art positions. Prepare for common interview questions, develop a strong artist statement, and learn how to confidently present your portfolio.
  • Industry Portfolio Reviews & Mentorship: Receive valuable feedback and mentorship from experienced game artists on your portfolio pieces, refining your work for industry standards.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing: Craft a compelling resume and cover letter that highlight your game art skills and experiences, targeting specific job roles.
  • Internship & Job Placement Support: Benefit from dedicated career services, including resume and interview preparation workshops, and internship placement assistance. We connect you with internship opportunities at game studios, granting you practical experience in a professional setting.

  • Collaborative Game Art Project: Work on a culminating project with fellow students, simulating a real-world game development scenario. This project allows you to apply all the learned skills throughout the program, collaborating on a game art asset creation pipeline.
  • Freelancing & Business of Game Art: Explore the world of freelance game art, including business practices, client communication, and portfolio marketing strategies. Gain insights into potential career paths within the game art industry.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Learn about emerging trends and advancements in game art technology and software. Develop strategies for continuous learning to maintain a competitive edge throughout your game art career.

Assessment & Evaluation

Become Industry Ready in 12 months

Master interview techniques specific to game art positions. Prepare for common interview questions, develop a strong artist statement, and learn how to confidently present your portfolio.

Your progress will be evaluated through a combination of methods throughout the program:

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Capstone Project

Learn by Doing
Capstone Projects

  • Spiny the Wolf – Character Design
  • FreezeTime – 2D puzzle game Design.
  • Dimensionless – Creating 4D Objects using Unity
  • Too fast to win! – Space Car racer
  • Age of Drones – Drone war game

Career Launch Program(CLP)

Unlimited Employment Support

We are dedicated to supporting your career goals, whether you are just starting out, aiming for new heights, or returning to the workforce.

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