Web Technology powers the Internet!

⟫ Web technologies enables end users to interface with web servers via clients (web browsers) to communicate and share resources. 

⟫ Web Technology is divided into 2 parts – Client Side & Server Side.

⟫ You use web technology every single day, even when you are using a Mobile App!

Who should learn Web Technolgies?

B.TECH / B.E. Engineers

BCA / MCA Graduates

Working Professionals


Content Management Systems(CMS)

Joomla CMS

Drupal CMS

Drupal is a popular CMS for developing secure Intranet portals for enterprise clients. Learn Drupal with real world development scenarios and advanced Drupal web development techniques.

Magento E-commerce

Magento is the fastest growing & largest e-commerce platform in the world. Learn Magento installation, configuration, store management, payment rules, theme customization and reporting.

Open Source Stacks

Open Source Frameworks