Successful companies value soft skills over hard skills.

⟫ When technical skills are equal, it’s the soft skills that make one person stand out over another. 

⟫ One may not get an interview call without the required hard skills, but it’s the soft skills that will get you the job and, eventually, the promotions.

Who should learn Soft Skills?

Engineering Professionals 

Management Professionals

Other Working Professionals

Businessman / Entrepreneurs

Communication training

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is the ability to stand up for yourself without being overly rude or aggressive at workplace. With 100% focus is on real-life problems and challenges one faces in the workplace; this course is designed to help you improve assertive communication, influence your peers, and conflict resolution.

Effective Business Writing

Business Writing training program can help you to dramatically improve the clarity, look and impact of your employees writing. This reflects in Presentations, Email Writing or any other form of written Business correspondence.

Communication Skills Training

Communication Skills Training covers verbal communication, listening skills and non-verbal communication. Workplace communication skills will directly reflect upon operational smoothness and increase in productivity of an organization.

Business Email Writing

Many companies send email replies late or not at all, or send replies that do not actually answer the questions asked. We cover the well established rules for effective business writing and business email etiquette.

Business English Language

This course is aimed at improving the trainees’ fundamentals of English language which is the foundation for effective business communication. We cover both written as well as spoken forms of English which greatly improves speaking as well writing skills of the participants.

Leadership Development training programs

Personality development training

In order to perform to our fullest potential we need to understand our interferences / barriers that prevent us from doing so. Personality development training helps to change the way you think and react to your environment.

Team Building

Building a team is one of the core responsibility of any manager. But in today’s times, management teams comprise of people with various skill sets and personalities. Your team is expected to perform at high levels and also quickly adapt to escalating business demands? We show you how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness, minimize conflict, and support, challenge, and inspire fellow team members.

Presentation Skills Training

A good business presentation starts with raw information, after which your opinions are added, backed with imagery, and given personality. This results in audience interaction, retention and motivation. Our Presentation Training helps to make the content come alive and capture the attention of the attendees.

Conflict Resolution Training

Poorly handled conflict can affect both the employees and the clients thereby impacting the company’s bottom-line. By developing Problem Solving Techniques to quickly and effectively resolve conflict, organizations can build trust and commitment with clients and colleagues.

Motivational Training

Improved motivational levels in the employees can help improve their personal and professional performance. Employees learn to connect better & beging to establish successful working relationships, the success of an organization can improve tremendously.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence increases your employees ability to control their own emotions and understand and support the emotions of their colleagues. This skill of leadership results in increased cooperation and healthy work environment.

Management Development training

Change Management Training

Organizations are in flux with changes in structure, redundancy and re-deployment of valuable resources. Learnpact’s change management training program covers Individual, Team and Organization level Change Management processes.

Personal Effectiveness Training

One of the major inhibitors of personal effectiveness is stress. Hence our Personal Effectiveness Training Program has a three-pronged focus: Time, Stress and Self. We help you develop an action plan by effective use of time and management of stress which is congruent with your own unique behavioural style.

Executive Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring

The goal of this program is to build the capability of managers to help subordinates through the intangible elements of human relationships. It transforms performance management into a collaborative process that benefits everyone in the team and boosts workplace performance.

Interviewing Skills

The success of any organization lies in the productivity of their manpower. HR Professionals or Technical Hiring Managers who are conducting interviews should be able to identify the core competencies needed for the Job Role in the interviewee.

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal training for Managers helps in building relationships that are focused on motivation and inspiration rather than on the negative aspects of their team member. Often the dialogues that occur in these appraisals dictate the productivity and growth of each individual.

Stress Management

Controlling your life means balancing various aspects of it – work, relationships and leisure – as well as the physical, intellectual and emotional parts of it. People who effectively manage stress consider life a challenge rather than a series of irritations, and they feel they have control over their lives, even in the face of setbacks. We teach you how to manage stress and be positive.