Certificate: Learnpact Certified Yellow Belt    Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 10 *

Course Details: Duration: 6 Hours     Includes Case-studies:

Training Mode:  In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Certificate

Learn how to lower costs, shorten lead times & attain higher quality

This Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course teaches participants the Lean Six Sigma philosophy and how to apply it in his or her role on a day-to-day basis. The participant will learn about Six Sigma and Lean separately and also how they work together. The participant will continue their exploration of each phase of Six Sigma’s DMAIC methodology, including, project charters, process mapping, cause-and-effect tools, simple data analysis and process improvement and control methods. It provides an introduction to process management a nd the basic tools of Six Sigma, giving employees a stronger understanding of processes, enabling each individual to provide meaningful assistance in achieving the organization’s overall objectives.

Yellow-Belt-trainingKey focus areas of this Course
  • ✔ Understand Lean Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology
  • ✔ Understand their role in a successful Lean Six Sigma deployment
  • ✔ Properly participate on Lean Six Sigma projects
  • ✔ Characterize the equation y = f(x)
  • ✔ Apply methods learned in the DMAIC process to business issues
  • ✔ How to apply the Six Sigma mindset in his or her workplace on a daily basis
Why learn Six Sigma Yellow Belt?
A Yellow Belt is an individual who has received introductory training in the fundamentals of Six Sigma. The Yellow Belt gathers data, participates in problem-solving exercises and adds their personal experiences to the exploration process.
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course Outcome?

In Six sigma Yellow Belt training you will gain the skills necessary to identify, monitor and control profit-eating practices in their own processes, but they are also prepared to feed that information to Black Belts and Green Belts working on larger system projects.


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    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Course Topics

    • Lean History, Six Sigma History, Lean Six Sigma Integration, DMAIC Process, Laws of Lean Six Sigma
    • Understand how the Lean and Six Sigma methodology evolved; understand the basic concepts of Lean and Six Sigma;
    • Learn Lean and Six Sigma Integration principles; and get introduced to the DMAIC process.
    • Recognize the organizational factors that are necessary groundwork for a successful Six-Sigma program
    • Recognize the five-step Six-Sigma DMAIC model used to improve processes
    • Understand the benefits and implications of a Six-Sigma program and relate Six-Sigma concepts to the overall business mission and objectives
    • Opportunity (or problem) identification and definition
    • Create a Charter Document
    • Relationship of Six Sigma Concepts to Overall Business Objectives
    • Business Success of Six Sigma
    • Sigma Level and Defects per Million Opportunity (DPMO)
    • Cost of Poor Quality: Detection vs. Prevention System
    • Sigma Level and Process Capability
    • DMAIIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Implement-Control) Process  How the DMAIIC Model is used for Process Improvement
    • Organizational Factors that are necessary groundwork for a successful Six Sigma Program
    • Define a Plan for Implementing Six Sigma in Your Organization
    • Think about the organization as a collection of processes, with inputs that determine the output
    • Creative techniques
    • Discover customer requirements
    • Familiarization of the Sigma Level concept to evaluate the capability of a process or organization
    • Understand requirements for successfully implementing the Six-Sigma methodology within an organization

    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - FAQ

    The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course can be taken by Project Team Members, Department Leaders and anyone who is interested in taking their Lean Six Sigma knowledge to a deeper level (and not as deep as a Green Belt or Black Belt).

    Candidates should have good communication skills, and some experience of team working to improve processes or solve problems.

    Upon successful completion of all requirements of this course, participants will receive a certificate stating that he/she is Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

    Yes, we have special batches and workshops on weekends. You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.

    Yes, Learnpact has Placement tie-ups with more than 100 companies in Chennai, Kolkata. Our dedicated HR desk is tasked to put your profile in front the right Hiring Managers.

    Yes, Learnpact also arrange corporate trainings if a group of people (minimum 5) are willing to undergo Magento training at their office premises. Corporate Training can be arranged in any city of India. Get in touch with us for more details.

    Training Testimonials

    The Six Sigma Yellow Belt course has enhanced my knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma and the trainer has tremendous knowledge on the subject and is very passionate to impart the knowledge.

    Ravi Krishan – Sr. Process Manager. Saipem India Projects


    I would recommend this course to all managers in junior and mid-level positions.

    Prabahar Purushottam


    It was great to interact and network with all the participants and learn DMAIC methodology in such great detail. The case studies and group drills were very helpful.

    Shiva R – V.P. Operations – Metlife