How to Pass Zend PHP 5.3 exam in first attempt?

How to Pass Zend PHP 5.3 exam in first attempt?

Guide to Zend PHP 5 Certification


Prove your expertise in PHP 5.x and become a Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE).  Zend PHP 5 exam is an Internationally valid certification exam for PHP just like OCJP is there for Java certification from Oracle. It’s a 90 min test, so you will have just over 1 minute to answer to 1 question. We recommend that you answer all questions(around 70) you are sure about, then mark the ones which are doubtful to review later.

What to prepare?


  • Have a clear working idea about syntax, operators, variables, constants & functions.
  • PHP 5.3 supports OOPs concept. Practice by implementing classes & coding for inheritance. A good example can be found here
  • Get yourself acquainted about Information Security concepts like XSS, DDoS & cross-site request
  • Learn XML basics, simpleXML, XML extension, XML Parsing and Xpath. Though not compulsory – learning JSON is also a good idea.
  • Practice implementing web services using SOAP and REST.
  • Practice all SQL queries, Triggers, JOINS and prepared statements
  • This may seem easy – Understand GET and POST inside out.
  • Understand string manipulation functions
  • Practice configuring session security and ways to stop session hijacking
  • Working with Apache server – various configurations (.htaccess,  php.ini, virtual host) etc


Where to give the exam?


  • Exam is conducted at your nearest Pearson VUE training center (
  • Register for the exam via telephone or email(differs by country; please check online)
  • Bring 2 IDs, as photo proof and signature proof.
  • You will receive “scratch“ paper or an erasable board for calculations at the time you take the test
  • You are not permitted to bring any form of materials into the exam room.


How does a typical PHP 5.3 Question paper look like?


Based on our survey conducted in 2012 – a typical PHP 5.3 question paper would have questions from the following topics.


  1. HTML and Forms (POST data, security, escaping, etc) – 15 questions
  2. Strings and regex – 15 questions
  3. Headers, sessions, cookies, etc – 8 questions
  4. Arrays – 30 questions
  5. New PHP 5.3 features – 7 questions
  6. XML (SimpleXML, DOM, XPath, etc) – 11 questions
  7. OOP and design patterns – 7 questions
  8. AJAX (incl. JSON) – 4 questions
  9. DB (PDO, storing/displaying data) – 6 questions
  10. Email related– 3 questions

So you have to answer a Total of 70 randomly generated questions, which must be answered in 90 minutes. You’ll immediately get your test result from the testing center; usually printed out– Passed or Failed.


Exam Tips


  • Be careful when entering the answer! – No whitespace, explanations, comments
  • Use lowercase letters with functions
  • You can mark questions for review later – use it to save time
  • You can go back to questions you have marked, but not the others, so keep this in mind.


Common Myths about the PHP 5.3 exam


  • You have to write lengthy programs during the exam
  • You have to memorize the PHP manual


What happens after you clear the exam?


Your profile with a Photo appears on PHP Yellow Pages – a global directory of PHP experts who have achieved the highest PHP accreditation.



Sample listing on Zend Yellow pages Directory


How to self-study?


  1. Book Recommendation from Learnpact: Zend PHP5 Certification Study Guide
  2. Essential PHP Security
  3. PHP 5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice
  4. Buy Zend online test and practice

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  • HI there, I’ve just passed the certification yesterday afternoon. How long did it take for you to become listed in the zend yellow pages directory?

    Chris Reply
    • Well, there is no specified time as per Zend website and FAQ. From our experience; most of our PHP students who got certified got their hard copy certificates within a month as well as got listed on Yellow pages directory.

      Hope it helps.

      Learnpact Reply
  • Hi, I have no idea about Zend certification Exam, I want to know that you describe the above points following topics with number of group , i have try to search that type of list in Zend official site but i can’t get…So please Can you tell me this is the fix formate for Zend examination test or it is not fixed ? I want to give Zend 5.5 Certification Exam …and if you have any suggestion for me that please welcome …and give me responces on my gmail id…

    Thanks in advanced

    bhavesh khanpara Reply
  • thanks for all of this . it’s very helpful me.will you please let me know how much time i can attempt the exam of zend certification

    sandip Reply

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