Certificate: Certified PhoneGap Developer    Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 3 *

Course Details: Duration: 36 Hours     Theory : Practical: 30 : 70     Placement Assistance:

Training Mode:  In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

Complete PhoneGap Apps Development Training

Learn to Code, Debug & Test Apps built with PhoneGap

PhoneGap is an open source mobile development framework, to create platform-neutral mobile applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this course; we cover all the tools & concepts necessary to build App store ready mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8 and more.

phonegap-training-courseKey focus areas of this Course
  • ✔ Set up your development environment
  • ✔ Compile for multiple platforms
  • ✔ Run code in a emulator
  • ✔ Debug your HTML and JavaScript
  • ✔ Optimize your JavaScript for mobile devices
  • ✔ Make security considerations
  • ✔ Use the Canvas for advanced graphics
  • ✔ Build a mobile application that runs offline
  • ✔ Access native APIs, including location, camera, accelerometer, contacts, and more via JavaScript
  • ✔ Use CSS transitions, animations and transforms to create native looking interfaces
  • ✔ Use mobile JS libraries, such as XUI and Dashcode to build mobile applications faster
Why learn PhoneGap?
This Phonegap training course is aimed at developers who are looking to create a single code-base for all mobile platforms. Apache Cordova and PhoneGap provide this with HTML/CSS/JavaScript apps published to all major platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, BADA etc.) Adobe provides a cloud service where code can be uploaded to automatically generate native apps, immediately installable on these platforms. Alternatively code can be compiled from the command line for individual platforms.
Who can benefit from PhoneGap Course?

If you are a web developer, mobile developer, mobile designer or a project manager in charge of mobile development, then PhoneGap training is for you. If you’re already well-versed in JavaScript and HTML, PhoneGap provides the fastest, most effective way to add mobile application development to your roster, especially if you’re building social networking applications, simple games and companion applications to websites.


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    PhoneGap Apps Development Training - Course Topics

       Course content

    Overview of Essential Skills

    • HTML, CSS and Javascript ·
    • jQuery and jQueryUI frameworks
    • Optional jQueyrmobile and BBUI frameworks
    • AJAX and JSON
    • Local storage
    • App navigation techniques

    Apache Cordova and PhoneGap build

    • Understanding the open source parts of PhoneGap (Cordova)
    • Where Adobe PhoneGap Build fits in
    • Free and paid accounts with Adobe PhoneGap Build
    • Creating a Development Environment
    • Eclipse with Plug-Ins
    • Running Android Simulators
    • Optional Apple Mac setup in XCode

    Mobile Projects ·

    • Creating a new project
    • Importing a boiler-plate project
    • Enabling PhoneGap for existing projects

    Obtaining and Using Signing Certificate Keys

    • Apple Developer program
    • Android Developer keys
    • Blackberry and Windows keys

    Understanding the Technologies

    • WebKit
    • Overview of native app development structures
    • Overview of essential platform-specific configuration files
    • App icons, covers and UI furniture
    • PhoneGap white-listing

    Mobile-Specific Coding Techniques

    • Writing Javascript Optimised for Mobile
    • Managing memory on mobiles
    • CSS optimisations
    • User-Interface best practices
    • When to go native

    Accessing Native APIs

    • Geolocation
    • Camera
    • Accelerometer
    • Contacts
    • Other device-specific APIs


    • Subscribe to platform developer schemes as required (may incur fees)
    • Plan and Create App
    • Test and Debug
    • Compile to multiple platforms with PhoneGap build
    • Overview of the command-line compile process
    • Deploy to app markets

    Additional Development tools

    • Blackberry and Windows Phone 8 emulators
    • Ripple Emulator in Chrome
    • Free Microsoft tools for Windows 8

    PhoneGap Apps Development Training - FAQ

    Learnpact PhoneGap course is an instructor-led training program available in Chennai & Kolkata city. This training can be taken in part-time morning / afternoon / evening slot or even on the weekends.

    To get the most from this course, delegates need a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and an appreciation of the current mobile ecosystem.

    Yes, To document your achievement, Learnpact will proudly present you with a certification award when you finish the course successfully.

    Yes, we have special batches and workshops on weekends. You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.

    Yes, Learnpact has Placement tie-ups with more than 100 companies in Chennai, Kolkata. Our dedicated HR desk is tasked to put your profile in front the right Hiring Managers.

    Yes, we conduct on-site corporate training if a group of people (minimum 5) are willing to participate. Corporate Training can be arranged in any city of India. Get in touch with us for more details.

    PhoneGap Apps Development - Testimonials

    I am a Java developer, by attending this course – i got a good exposure of the PhoneGap platform and now i am confident of developing my own Apps.

    Suraj Khanna


    The training was excellent & indeed quite extensive. It helped a great deal in understanding the core concepts of PhoneGap application programming.

    Alex Rice – Next Tier Multimedia


    I would highly recommend this course for anyone who intend to build PhoneGap applications.