Certificate: Certified Android Developer    Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 3 *

Course Details: Duration: 36 Hours     Theory : Practical: 30 : 70     Placement Assistance:

Training Mode:  In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

Complete Android Apps Development Training & Placement

Learn to Code, Debug & Test on Real Android Hardware

The Android Training Course gives you hands-on training for designing and building smartphone & mobile applications using the popular Android open-source mobile OS platform. We cover all of Android’s main application development building blocks and their interaction with one another. Upon finishing the Android Development training class – attendees would learn to develop applications for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices running Google’s Android OS.

Android-Apps-development-training-courseKey focus areas of this Course
  • ✔ Master the fundamentals of developing Android applications and using the Android SDK
  • ✔ Build your own Android apps
  • ✔ Understand how Android™ applications work, their life cycle, manifest, Intents, and using external resources
  • ✔ Design and develop useful Android™ applications with compelling user interfaces by using, extending, and creating your own layouts and Views and using Menus.
  • ✔ Take advantage of Android’s Application Framework API to build complex applications.
  • ✔ Utilize the power of background services, threads, and notifications.
  • ✔ Use Android’s communication APIs for SMS, telephony, network management, and internet resources (HTTP).
  • ✔ Secure, tune, package, and deploy Android™ applications
  • ✔ Test and debug Android applications
Why learn Android?
This course is designed for new software developers or the ones who are looking to migrate to Mobile Apps Development. The course covers designing, creating, deploying, and testing applications for the Android mobile phone platform. This course can be invaluable to both novices and experts, who already have experience in developing mobile applications for other platforms.
Android Course Outcome?

By the end of the course, each participant will be able to build their own complete Android application depending on participants’ interests.


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    Android Apps Development - Course Topics

    Course content

    The Basics

    •  What is Android?
    •  Architecture Explained
    •  Role of Java

    Android SDK

    •  Familiarizing with Android Studio IDE
    •  Device Emulator
    •  Profiling Tools
    •  Hello World Application Unit Testing and Debuggingo Creating Unit Tests
    •  Android Development Tools (ADT)
    •  Using the Emulator
    •  TraceView
    •  Analyzing the Heap

    Android User Interface

    •  View Hierarchy
    •  Menus
    •  Fragments

    Styling Widgets

    •  Defining Styles
    •  Applying Styles to the UI
    •  Platform Styles and Themes


    •  Layout Containers
    •  Weight and Gravity
    •  Layout TechniquesHandling Events

    Advanced Widgets

    •  ScrollView
    •  ViewPager
    •  TabView
    •  Custom Views

    Storing and Retrieving Data

    •  Internal and External Storage
    •  Preferences
    •  SQLite Database

    Content Providers

    •  Querying Content Providers
    •  Modifying Data
    •  Creating a Content Provider

    Asynchronous Tasks

    •  Main UI Thread
    •  Using AsyncTask

    Location Services and Maps

    •  Location Services
    •  Mock Location Data
    •  Google Map Libraries
    •  Accessing Remote Services
    •  HTTP
    •  DOM Parsing
    •  SAX Parsing
    •  JSON Parsing

    Application Fundamentals

    •  Alarm Manager
    •  Broadcast Receivers
    •  Services
    •  Notification Manager
    •  Debugging with Fabric


    •  Web Apps Overview
    •  Targeting Screens from Web Apps
    •  WebView
    •  Debugging Web Apps
    •  Best Practices for Web Apps

    Best Practices

    •  Compatibility
    •  Supporting multiple screens
    •  Optimizing for Other Android Versions


    Android Apps Development Course - FAQ

    Learnpact Android course is an instructor-led training program available in Chennai & Kolkata city. This training can be taken in part-time morning / afternoon / evening slot or even on the weekends.

    No prior knowledge of the Android OS is required. However, all attendees should know the fundamentals of Java SE development.

    Yes, To document your achievement, Learnpact will proudly present you with a certification award when you finish the course successfully.

    Yes, we have special batches and workshops on weekends. You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.

    Yes, Learnpact has Placement tie-ups with more than 100 companies in Chennai, Kolkata. Our dedicated HR desk is tasked to put your profile in front the right Hiring Managers.

    Yes, we conduct on-site corporate training if a group of people (minimum 5) are willing to participate. Corporate Training can be arranged in any city of India. Get in touch with us for more details.

    Training Testimonials

    I am a Java developer, by attending this course – i got a good exposure of the Android platform and now i am confident of developing my own Apps.

    Suraj Khanna


    he training was excellent & indeed quite extensive. It helped a great deal in understanding the core concepts of Android application programming.

    Alex Rice – Next Tier Multimedia


    I would highly recommend this course for anyone who intend to build Android applications.