Launching Learnpact Cloudvarsity – self paced online courses

Launching Learnpact Cloudvarsity – self paced online courses

Over the last 3 years, we have been getting many requests by NRI professionals and working men and women living in cities where we don’t have a presence for Online/distance learning training. We have had successfully completed several such training programs over skype and gotomeeting. By 2012, we decided to have a training and collaboration infrastructure to answer to the most important problem of training online – freedom. And that’s when Learnpact Cloudvarsity was born!

With Cloudvarsity training platform,

  • you are not tied down to when you have to go to bed or wake up for class.
  • You don’t have to travel and waste time in traffic to get to class.
  • You can do your job and work at any hours you want, and then during your free time work on learning, round the clock
  • you can pace yourself…and learn at your own rate.

Here are the 10 reasons why you should enroll for Learnpact Cloudvarsity and benefit from wide range of courses and study when ever you are free. Cloudvarsity Programs can be purchased online and come with all the benefits of regular training classes plus more…

#1 Ideal for NRIs: Non residential Indians (NRI) can now learn and clear their doubts more conveniently and need not travel all the way to India for learning a course from Learnpact.

#2 Flexible Study Times – You will be able to plan your study time anytime of the day instead of a fixed scheduled time. It is the student’s choice whether he wants to study during the night or in the day. Cloudvarsity courses can be completed at any time as it suits you and the way you want to complete it.

#3 Convenience – Rather than traveling to the center, day after day, spending your time traveling, you will be able to cover the lectures from the comfort of your home.

#4 Life time technical and academic support for the students of Cloudvarsity courses.

#5 Upgrade to next Version of the Certification whenever it is launched, by paying just 30% of the new fees.

#6 Same Certification is given to both Cloudvarsity courses and Regular Classroom Students.

#7 Anytime, Everywhere – Students can access it from anywhere and any Time.

#8 Webinars – You get the subscription access to our Monthly Training Webinars (Online Seminars) till the end of time!

#9 Money Back Guarantee – If the student is not satisfied with the Cloudvarsity courses and round-the-clock support, we will refund the money (within 10 days of receiving the Kit / Material).

#10 24X7 Support: Instead of being limited to resolving queries in the class, you’ll have direct access to your instructors via our Online Support Desk. Average Response Time to queries from Trainer Support desk is less than 30 Minutes during working hours.

Learnpact is one of India's Finest & Awarded Training Companies. Enrol for our Classroom & CloudVarsity courses with Certification guidance & Placement assistance.

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