Its time to embrace the Death of Flash & the rise of HTML5 !!

Its time to embrace the Death of Flash & the rise of HTML5 !!

At Learnpact, we receive 15% of enquirers per month for Flash and the Flex framework related courses. Many students ( and their parents and elder brothers) still think that Flash is the only way to create 2D or 3D animation and rich banners and games. People from the Visual Arts (BSC Viscom and Multimedia background) find Flash to be “The Tool” which can transform their lives and shape career.

But the truth is every technology has a lifespan and its destined to either die or get replaced by a better one. In this case, it’s the adoption of HTML5 over the last 3 years. It has been slow but steady – as early adopters ourselves, we can feel how powerful it has become.

Why HTML5 over Flash or Silverlight?

1. HTML5 allows integration of audio and video in webpages WITHOUT the need to embed Flash player or silverlight.

2. Multimedia contents in a browser can be read WITHOUT any proprietary or 3rd party plugins!

3. HTML5 can incorporate animations and dynamic 2D and 3D elements WITHOUT Flash. This makes online games better due to less load times and uncertain crashes.

Why HTML5 on Mobile devices vs Native languages like Cocoa, Objective C?

1. HTML5 can use hardware devices elements WITHIN the webpage like camera, microphone, keypad and GPS etc.

2. Ability to optimize web pages for multi-touch interfaces.

3. Can store data locally on devices (read offline storage) which can be used for keeping a small database or user preferences so that even without internet it works.

4. Multi resolution and multi screen size capable web pages can be easily created.

HTML5 has brought simplified web page layout with pre-formatted tags for common web page structures like header, footer, title, top, sections etc. As a standard structure – imagine what this  can mean to people with visual disabilities? They will be able to browse through a HTML5  site in a better way. Much is being improved on the canvas front also with compact fonts and  and images in vector format.

So what Adobe is doing now?

Adobe is developing a new animation tool that outputs pure HTML5! yes you heard it right – HTML5. The tool is called Adobe Edge Animate and has the potential to replace Flash for simple to medium projects. With more maturity – Flash can be totally replaced! You can infact download a preview release by going to this link.

Luckily for all of you we are at center of HTML5 since 2010, and its been there as a part of our popular courses like Rich iNternet Apps(RIA) and LAMP course. We promise you to live up to Learnpact’s mission to “To help you learn the skills you need to unlock the full potential with in you.”

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