Interactive Prototype Design with Axure RP Pro Training Course in Kolkata

Interactive Prototype Design with Axure RP Pro Training Course in Kolkata


We are conducting a full day workshop on UI , UX, User centered design and interactive prototyping that works on devices of any form factor using the world’s most popular tool – Axure RP. Participants will learn to create sophisticated interactions from scratch by combining the inbuilt interactive elements of Axure for various devices and form factors.


In software development projects – the end user and sometimes even the clients have a slightest idea of how programmers would work on the said project. On the other end, Programmers can hardly imagine how a end user will use the software. A software feature may seem brilliant to the programmer, but can be turn out to be extremely uncomfortable for the end user. Its because the programmers very often don’t pay much attention to the things that end users consider as obvious.

Be it a Software development or website design – in a team different people think different – designers, programmers, managers.The programmer codes, the designer works on the visual design, the manager manages the show and is responsible for final delivery to clients.

Is it possible to make all these project stakeholders understand each other? With App prototyping using the Axure RP we get over the misunderstanding between clients, end-users and programmers.


  1. Increase Productivity and Unleash Your Creativity
  2. Improve Understanding Within the Project Team by solving communication problems
  3. Improve the GUI with the User
  4. Reduce development time
  5. Save Time & Money when Gathering Requirements
  6. Save Time & Money by Eliminating Development Rework
  7. Have Happy Users That Love Your Software
  8. Reduce Project Risk and Increase Confidence
  9. Improve Software Usability for faster adoption & sales
  10. Prototyping helps in Agile Software Development & SCRUM projects.


Axure is the most widely used Rapid Prototyping tool used by professional UI / UX designers around the world. When you prototype with Axure, you are actually “designing by making” rather than “designing by drawing” or “designing by thinking”, “designing by specifying” . These are fundamentally different modes of synthesis in our minds and they are all important for bringing the best ideas out in the table before starting the programming.


Produce fully interactive high-fidelity prototypes of desktop, web & Mobile Apps without coding. In the Learnpact Axure RP Workshop – participants will learn:

  1. The benefits of GUI prototyping RIAs
  2. Axure’s Concepts & UI
  3. Building a Wireframe
  4. Making it Interactive
  5. Rich Interaction with Dynamic Panels
  6. Reusing Design Components
  7. Prototyping for mobile using azure
  8. How to work efficiently with interactive elements
  9. Swipe interactions, native transitions, carousels and more
  10. User testing to receive real feedback from real interactions.
  11. Using AxShare cloud collaboration platform.


This workshop is ideal for Entry to mid-level Project managers, static graphic designers, App developers, Software architects, Business Analysts and Software Entrepreneurs.


The Trainer is a Lead User Experience Consultant with a MNC software company. He has been passionately engaged in the User Experience Design field for the past 8 years. He has worked with clients in a diverse array of industries such as Healthcare, FMCG, Automobile, CRM.

Workshop Date, Duration, Cost & Venue Details:

    • Duration: 10 AM to 4:30 PM including Lunch(vegetarian) & Tea.
    • Venue:  Learnpact Kolkata. Nopara(Near City Center 2), New Town, Roypara Hatiara, Kolkata 700 157.
    • Certificate: Certificate will be given to all attendees at the end of the workshop.
    • Investment: Rs 4899. Book 10 days in advance & save Rs 399.
    • Whom to Contact: Call  Mr. D Kumar +91 99625 78801
    • Date: Please check our Training calendar

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