Is Digital Marketing a right choice after your education?

Is Digital Marketing a right choice after your education?

There has been a lot of buzz and talk about Digital Marketing in 2015. Our prime minister also is giving Digital India a lot of emphasis and importance. The media is also upbeat about the possibilities and prospects of digital marketing in today’s social media driven society. To sum it up, its a good news for people who are in old school marketing, sales and related ad firms to jump in to the world of digital marketing and explore its possibilities.

At Learnpact, we are training Digital Marketing since 2006 and have seen how its definition evolved over the years. Most of our students find it confusing to relate “where they fit” in this digital marketing world. To give a few examples – many B.Tech engineers ask themselves what marketing has to do with the website code they develop whereas many Arts graduates think how they can cope up with complex analytics code and tracking mechanism. People from all educational backgrounds have their share of  confusion about digital marketing.

So we have decided to decode and put it into clear perspective as to where who belongs in the world of digital marketing. It is a multi disciplinary field where there is a scope for people from Arts, Science and Commerce background. There is a scope also for people who are project managers.

People who have excelled in this field are those – who  dabbled in every aspect of it, but later specialized in “something”. Let us see how Digital Marketing is relevant for people who come from Arts, Commerce, Engineering backgrounds.

Possibilities of B.Tech & B.E. Engineers in Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing wont be possible without a Digital Media platform. Engineers, specially software engineers are the core architects of creating and managing the complex digital media platforms on top of which marketers and creative artists capitalize on. So the blog, the website, landing page and everything between is taken cared of by software engineers. The cool Facebook Apps which marketers use to drive engagement and repeat visitors are also created by the software engineers. The high converting landing pages are also designed by developers. Developers in digital marketing roles are also responsible for tracking visitors and generate meaningful visual reports such as heatmaps, geolocation, dropoff etc.

What you should know to be a Developer in Digital Marketing role?

  • Linux Server management with familiarity in using cPanel.
  • Social Media APIs, jSON, XML
  • Any Server side programming language: PHP / ASP.NET / JSP
  • Client Side languages: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Angular.js, jQuery

Possibilities of Commerce Graduates in Digital Marketing:

The key differentiator for Digital marketing compared to traditional marketing – is the goldmine of visitor tracking information which it provides to the campaign owner. Just imagine – if you are advertising on Newspaper. FM Radio and TV do you even know how many visitors have seen/ listened / viewed your Ad? There is no possibility of tracking any information whatsoever!

Enter Digital Marketing –  and you know each move that your visitor can make on your website or landing page. Why this is a goldmine? Because this info lets campaign managers change approach towards better targeting and ROI(the whole purpose of marketing). This means better experimentation, better targeting, less expense, more revenue.

Commerce graduates fill this space of number crunching, creating complex customized reports, comparing monthly data, writing macro formulas on excel for automating report generation etc. As a whole, if you are a numbers person, you will love the Google Analytics tool and other commercial Visitor tracking tools such as Web Trends, ClickTale, CrazyEgg.

Possibilities of Arts Graduates in Digital Marketing:

People from arts background forms the backbone of the MarCom division of Digital Marketing. The Mar Com division is responsible for conceptualizing, creating and editing the various messages that later gets used for communication on different media platforms. If Engineers are the brain, then Arts professionals are the hear and soul behind Digital Marketing.

Content writers, Proof readers, Graphics, Video creators and editors are responsible for delivering, enthralling, entertaining and educating visitors to buy and later advocate word of mouth sales and repeat sales.

Which educational back are you from? And how you want to be a part of Digital Marketing… do comment?

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