How to evaluate a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata?

How to evaluate a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Kolkata?

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. In our survey and during conferences we found that old school marketing professionals of kolkata have started to respect the power of Digital Marketing and now started to understand its value in the overall marketing mix.

A hybrid discipline composed of part Arts & part Science – Digital Marketing has a lot of working components to manage. New professionals entering this field find it confusing as they fail to understand how the several moving parts work together.

There the need comes for training institutes who can help them learn the concepts, master the tools & techniques and make them ready for the job openings in Kolkata across industry sectors such as IT, Automobile, Fashion, Media, Ad Agency, Real Estate, E-commerce.

Fascinated? But wait … before you decide your training Institute for Digital Marketing in kolkata – Let us look at the various deciding factors which you must access before enrolling in any of them.

Year of Founding:

More than 78% of Institutes are inaugurated and shut within the first year of opening. Though an old-school way to guage, but having a market presence for long years means the Institute has matured and overcame all possible hurdles in its way.

Multi City Branch:

An established training Institute will have multi city presence and cater to different courses in different regions of the country. This is a valuable factor to consider as having Digital Marketing courses in other cities mean that there is a demand for it there. Check if the other city students are happy with the training and placement.

Government affiliation:

As per the law, any organisation can award you a certificate with their logo. But it wont be recognized unless it is backed by Government. Look for certificates that are backed by the Ministry of Human Resources(MHRD), NewDelhi. Those certificates will be recognized by Private companies as well as by Government agencies when you look out for Job or Project.

Certification Accreditation:

The Digital Marketing Industry is flooded with certificates that has no value. Look for Institutes who offer certifications backed by major giants in this industry such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Web Trends, HubSpot, MixBound Academy USA. It gives you a better positioning and preference if you can prove that your skills are recognized any one of the above.


Perhaps the most important of all factors to consider is the faculty who would train you. Most institutes hire faculty from their previous batch of students who have no work experience in the Industry nor possess any solid foundation in Digital Marketing. Learn from faculty who has seen the ups and downs of traffic ranking due to Google Algorithm updates over the years. Check your faculty’s LinkedIn profile recommendations, Youtube testimonials and get all your queries answered before enrolling the digital marketing course.

Training Infrastructure:

Check for images of training infrastructure before you even make a visit to the institute. Institutes who haven’t invested reasonably enough in proper infrastructure are not serious about their business.  Institutes operating from makeshift offices are a strict NO. A proper Digital Marketing course would cost you anywhere between INR 20,000 – 45,000, there is no point in compromising on infrastructure and facilities.


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