Certificate: Certificate in Social Media Marketing Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 3 *

Course Details: Duration: 42 Hours     Includes Mini Project: 12 Hours     Placement Assistance:

Training Mode:  In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

Hands-on training on Natural & Paid SMM in Kolkata

Protect Your Brand, Expand Your Reach hootsuite-certified& Increase Your Earnings

The Social Media Marketing (SMM) program is designed to provide participants with a foundation and skill set in the new, evolving world of social media tools and strategies so that they can immediately apply them in the workplace. Courses may be taken independently or for a certificate of completion.

smm_courseKey focus areas of this Course

Social Media is creating new forms of engagement between businesses and consumers and redesigning media consumption across all channels. Today, a highly valuable business asset is knowing how to productively use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for effective online marketing. In this hands-on course, you’ll learn how to use these popular social media networking websites & the most efficient strategies and techniques for boosting your personal & company profiles, pages and online networks.

This 15 days course will greatly benefit marketing students, small business owners, life & business coaches, independent business & marketing consultants, authors and speakers who want to leverage social media.

What is covered in the course?
In this course, we provide the practical tools and strategies required to successfully navigate social networks, leverage social tools, and capitalize on their powerful word-of-mouth lift. We also offer expert guidance on how to define goals and measure these interactive marketing efforts against the goals. You will learn the essential do’s and don’ts for planning and executing effective social media campaigns that keep your community engaged and committed.
Social Media Marketing(SMM) Course Outcome?

By the end of this course – you will learn how transform a sluggish community into a thriving, inspiring and active online community. How do you create excitement and generate momentum through social networks? And, how do you influence your community and build a loyal following?


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    Advanced Social Media Marketing - Course Topics

    Hands-on SMM Training 

    Our social media training offers a comprehensive guide to best practices for each platform on a beginners to advanced scale.

    Introduction to Social Media

    • Introduction to advanced social media techniques
    • Social media’s implications for marketers
    • Social media integration into the business strategy
    • Key ways that brand informs social media

    Social Media Objectives, Voice and Tactics

    • Defining your social media goals
    • Expert advice on joining the social media conversation
    • How to utilize listening tools to listen effectively
    • Make the connection between PR efforts and social media

    Engaging, Growing & Leveraging your Social Media Audience

    • Engaging, Growing and Leveraging Your Social Media Audience
    • Growing Your Social Media Audience and Community
    • Engaging with Your Social Media Community
    • Engaging with Influencers and Advocates
    • Leveraging Your Community

    Social Media Tactics

    • How to incorporate blogs into your social media strategies
    • Blogging platforms, blogosphere outreach, and micro-blogging
    • Mass media driving to social media
    • Advertising in social media
    • Sweepstakes in social media
    • Defining your social media strategy

    Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media

    • Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media
    • The Value of Content in a Social Media Strategy
    • The Importance of Developing a Content Strategy ‹
    • Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media
    • Creating a Content Calendar and Using It Effectively

    Content Creation, Content Repurposing & Content Curation for Social Media

    • Content Curation and Creation for Social Media
    • What is Content Curation vs. Creation
    • Content Curation for Social Media
    • Content Creation for Social Media ‹
    • The Value of a Business Blog for Your Content Strategy

    Best Practices for Sharing Across Networks

    • Best Practices for Sharing Across Networks
    • Effective Best Practices for Sharing Content
    • Best Practices for Sharing Content on Twitter ‹
    • Best Practices for Sharing Content on Facebook
    • Best Practices for Sharing Content on LinkedIn Company Pages ‹
    • Best Practices for Sharing Content on Instagram ‹
    • Best Practices for Sharing Content on Pinterest

    Social Media Tactics & Social Media Platforms

    • How to develop a social media tactical implementation calendar
    • Utilizing photos and videos sites in social media
    • Top tier platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube,etc
    • Using social media to seed your email lists
    • Instagram for brands versus personal

    Setting Up Tools

    • How to get your business checking-in
    • Setting up accounts on second tier platforms
    • Promoting social media pages in other media
    • Social commerce implementation
    • International social media channels
    • Best social media listening and management tools
    • Creating positive chatter in social media
    • Linking social media accounts
    • Utilizing discussion boards and social groups

    Social Media Advertising- Running Paid Ads on Social Media

    • What is Social Media Paid Advertisement
    • How Social Media Ads are different
    • When to use Social Media Ads?
    • PPC Ad terminologies
    • How to Target & Create Paid Ads on LinkedIn
    • How to Target & Create Paid Ads on Facebook
    • How to Target & Create Paid Ads on Twitter
    • How to measure campaign ROI

    Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation

    • Defining key terms in social media
    • Establishing goals and key tracking metrics
    • Free social media measurement tools
    • Benefits of popular and custom URL shorteners
    • Calculating acquisition costs and hard ROI from social media
    • Creating customized campaign performance reports

    Social Media Reputation Management

    • Best Practices in Reputation Management
    • How Online Reputation can hurt your business?
    • Reputation Monitoring Tools
    • How to overcome reputation crisis?
    • Case study

    Social Media Case Studies

    • Major brand case study
    • Small company case study
    • Small B2B case study
    • Big brand digital media site side optimization
    • Using social media for brand awareness
    • Using social media for direct response
    • Successful use of Pinterest

    Social Media Marketing - FAQ

    • Professionals wor ing in a marketing role and want to expand your knowledge and skill base to include the latest social media tools and techniques.
    • If you are being asked to take on increased social media responsibilities as part of your existing job requirements.
    • Professionals in Marketing/ Sales/ Publishing/ e-business/ Advertising/ PR/ Traditional Marketing
    • Want to incorporate social media into your future career plans

    Although no academic prerequisites are required to participate in the program, knowledge of Web and popular Social Media websites are an added advantage.

    Yes, we have special batches and workshops on weekends. You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.

    Participants who complete one of the 2 case studies andscore 75% in the advanced social media exam  – would get Learnpact certificate which is recognized by the Gov of India.

    Participants can alternatively choose to earn a Certificate in Social Media Marketing from Hootsuite. Learnpact will guide and help students to get Hootsuite certified.

    Training Testimonials

    I attended the Social Media marketing course in Nov 2015. I am now managing Zebronics Social Media Handles all by myself.

    Punitha, Zebronics


    Thanks to Learnpact; i could change my profile from Off-page SEO to Social Media Consultant. I am presently working with ICICI Lombard.

    Preetham S


    I am a Soft Skill Coach and Speaker. The training greatly helped me in professionally understanding the dynamics of Social Media in great details.