Certificate: Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing    Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 5 *

Course Details: Duration: 90 Hours     Includes Mini Project: 24 Hours     Placement Assistance:

Training Mode:  In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

Specialized Digital Marketing program

Optimize campaigns for Returns & protect Brand Reputation

Marketing is undergoing a fundamental transformation as Consumers and businesses are increasingly shifting their attention from traditional media marketing to the Internet, wireless devices, and other digital media. Various International research indicates that digital marketing budgets are increasing each day, and digital media campaigns are becoming a pivotal part of effective marketing plans.

advanced-digital-marketing-training-courseKey focus areas of this Course

In addition to all the topics covered in “Diploma in Digital Marketing” – participants would get real life exposure & work on case studies on Online Reputation Management (ORM), Conversion rate Optimization (CRO), Google Adwords Search & Display Ads Campaign Management and various other advanced conversion optimization techniques in Digital Marketing.
This four weeks digital marketing program is designed to provide students with the skills that will help them understand and manage these digital marketing tactics as per the integrated strategies.

What is covered in the course?
The Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing Course covers topics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), types of online advertising, e-mail marketing, viral marketing, online PR, affiliate marketing, social media, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Conversion rate Optimization (CRO), Google Adwords Search & Display Ads Campaign Management. It also looks at digital metrics, regulation and codes of practice. The course helps to Integrate digital initiatives with an overall marketing plan. The Course includes digital marketing strategies for targeting websites, search, e-mail, social media, mobile campaigns, and various other forms of online promotions
Digital Marketing Course Outcome?

By the end of this course, you will have mastered the techniques & worked on all the Tools to effectively develop a multi-channel strategy that delivers on your marketing objectives. You will be able to create online brand building initiatives, Protect Online Brand Reputation & integrate new digital marketing techniques into your strategic marketing plan from scratch.


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    Advanced Digital Marketing - Course Topics

    All current innovation in marketing is through digital channels. The Digital channels distribute content, ads and location based offers to attract visitors to when they search for products, services, or information related to your business.

    This first module demonstrates the power of applying digital concepts across the marketing function in any business.

    Topics covered:
    • Strategies in digital marketing
    • Digital Marketing framework
    • What are the types of Media?
    • Aligning internet with business objectives
    • Examples of great case studies
    • User behavior, navigation & User experience(UX)
    • Branding and brand advocacy
    • How to perform competitive analysis?
    • How the different modules aligns with the Digital Marketing famework
    • Planning, Budgeting and Iterating
    • Media buying & Selling
    • Developing a digital marketing plan from scratch

    SEO is about attracting the right customers at the right time. This module will equip you with the core understanding, technical know – how and insight to build an SEO strategy that will work in today’s fiercely competitive online marketplace.

    Topics include:
    • Advanced Keyword research for B2B & B2C segment
    • How Google works ?
    • Major Google Algorithms revision and their impact on Organic Search
    • Over 250+ Search Engine Factors such asMetatags, images, content, video
    • Search engine factors off-page optimization
    • How to use Rich snippets in On-Page SEO?
    • How to Earn Backlinks through advanced Google Approved strategies.
    • How to use Google Webmaster / Site Console effectively to improve your Website


    Content Marketing is by far the most important module in Digital Marketing. To develop an effective content marketing strategy it takes lot of discipline, skillset and passion for the art. Once done well – the results are nothing less than “amazing” and long lasting.

    Topics Include:

    Introduction to Content Marketing
    Content Marketing Strategy
    Forms of Content and how to develop them
    Copywriting , Article writing, Blogging
    Overseeing a Content Marketing Program
    Content Marketing Tactics
    Content Optimization for Social Media Platforms
    Content Marketing Budget Planning & Allocation
    Measuring Content Effectiveness


    Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns allow you to maximize your company’s visibility on Google Search Engine. You will learn how to develop an effective PPC strategy and achieve demonstrable return-on-investment (ROI). This module takes you through the essentials of planning, managing PPC campaign.

    Topics include:
    • Introduction to PPC Advertising
    • Understanding Google Adword Account Hierarchy
    • How to create a PPC campaign from scratch
    • Journey through the buying funnel
    • Defining Keyword strategy
    • How to identify Goals & place Optimal Manual bids
    • Implementing your PPC budget
    • Creating an compelling Ad
    • Google Adwords Ad targeting options
    • Banner Ads vs text Ads Measuring & managing your campaigns
    • Integrating PPC with other marketing channels
    • Google Fundamental Exam preparation
    • Google Advanced Exam preparation


    This module will provide you with the know-how to plan and manage your communications and marketing through the rapidly emerging and influential social networks. It will provide you with techniques and tools to understand and harness the opportunities provided by best practice social media marketing and online PR.

    Social Media 101

    Overview of Social Media Marketing
    What is viral marketing and its importance
    Overview of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, YouTube
    Engaging with Social Media Influencers
    Social Media listening tools Recommendations
    How to re-purpose content for Social Media Channels?
    Building brand awareness using social media
    What is a Klout score? How it is useful?
    Best practices and successful social media campaign case studies

    Facebook Marketing:

    Digital Advertising with Facebook
    Understanding Facebook edge rank and the art of social engagement
    Creating Facebook Marketing Strategy
    Launch & promote live Facebook Communities
    Significance of CTR (Click Through Rate)
    Optimizing Ad Copy & Targeting
    Understanding Reports & iterating
    Types of Facebook Ads
    How Facebook Ads are different from Google Adwords

    LinkedIn Marketing:

    What is LinkedIn,
    Understanding LinkedIn,
    Company profile Vs Individual profiles,
    Exercises: Profile Makeover, Answers, Groups, Status Updates,
    Identify & tap leads from Individual Profiles
    Lead Generation as Enterprise: Company Page, Ads, Developer API, Groups
    LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation & Personal Branding
    Understanding LinkedIn groups
    How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups,
    LinkedIn advertising & it best practices,
    Types of LinkedIn Ads
    LinkedIn Ad bidding & Budgeting
    Targeting option in LinkedIn Ads
    Increasing ROI form LinkedIn ads

    Twitter Marketing:
    Understanding twitter,
    Tools to listen & measure influence on,
    Twitter: Tweet deck, Peerldex,
    How to do marketing on twitter,
    Black hat techniques of twitter marketing,
    Advertising with Twitter Cards
    Case studies on twitter marketing,
    Tools for twitter marketing,

    Video Marketing:
    Understanding video campaign,
    Creating 1st video campaign,
    Importance of video marketing,
    Benefits of video marketing,
    Uploading videos on video marketing websites,
    Using YouTube for business,
    Developing YouTube video marketing strategy,
    Bringing visitors from YouTube video to your website,
    Creating video AD group,
    Targeting options,
    Understanding bid strategy.


    This module will provide you with the know-how to plan and manage your mobile marketing.

    Topics include:
    • Introduction to Mobile Marketing
    • Popularity & proliferation of smart phones
    • Understanding how people use the mobile web
    • Learning how to plan, create and manage mobile campaigns.
    • Taking advantage of Location opportunities with Incentives & Coupons, Vouchers
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Integrating mobile marketing with the wider digital mix.


    Contrary to the popular belief – Email Marketing is still one of the most profitable ways to reach to your target audience.  In a popular survey 88% of B2B marketer  say email is the most effective lead generation tactic even now. In this Module we show you how to tap the power of email marketing without pushing the limits of user experience & privacy.

    Introduction to Email Marketing
    Spam Laws & their implications
    Opt In types
    Mailing List
    Elements of an Email
    Email sending platforms
    Email Success Metrics & Measurement


    Your digital marketing is only as effective as the analytical insights derived from online activities. This module guides you through web analytics and other data sources to better understand site visitor characteristics and behavior. You will understand the most important and appropriate metrics and how to use them to improve your digital activities.

    Topics include:
    • What is website analytics?
    • Google Analytics explained
    • What is Universal Analytics?
    • Understanding your KPI’s
    • Qualitative vs Quantitative Data
    • Measuring website traffic with Multi Dimensional parameters
    • Unlocking data goldmine for profitable outcomes
    • Gaining competitive advantage from Webmaster tools
    • Multi-channel attribution
    • Creating Custom Reports & Dashboards
    • Connecting Google Analytics with Adsense & Adwords


    • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization tools & Techniques
    • Copywriting for Conversion
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • A/B Testing / Multi variate testing
    • Mapping User persona to Specific Content Marketing stages
    • Sales Funnel TOFU – MOFU – BOFU
    • Handling E-commerce Cart abandonment
    • Conversion Optimization using live chat Analytical software such as gsecondscreen.com


    Digital Marketing is driving the agenda in marketing departments and this module will teach you the complexities of planning, buying and executing a marketing campaign that integrates traditional marketing with all digital activities including display, search, affiliate, email, mobile & social.

    Topics include:
    • Examples of integrated marketing plans
    • Using the best digital marketing channels for maximum impact
    • Creating an integrated digital marketing plan
    • Costing and resourcing your internet plans.
    • Aligning business objectives, strategy and tactical solutions.

    Advanced Digital Marketing - FAQ

    Students in their final year of BBA, MBA or any other discipline who want to make a career in Digital Marketing Professionals who want to shift to online marketing or those who are beginners in online marketing. Professionals in Marketing/ Sales/ Publishing/ e-business/ Advertising/ PR/ Traditional Marketing Professionals who seek to improve the performance of their online marketing campaigns. Professionals with understanding of Marketing from any background those want to have in depth understanding and practical hands on experience of online advertising.

    A basic knowledge of “Web / Internet”. No technical knowledge required. Basic internet knowledge is good enough to start. Graduation in any discipline with (including Diploma holders).

    Online Media is far more mature and proven now than ever before in the history of Internet. Digital Marketing is less expensive & highly targeted than any other marketing tactic on planet! Hence a sizable and impactful online effort can be undertaken more quickly at a fraction of a cost of a similar offline campaign. Moreover with behavioral targeting and retargeting in online ad placement – all your marketing budget is used to the fullest extent. When implemented correctly, banner ads, organic search, paid search, blogs, social media, email and all other online marketing tactics provide a user by user detailed report that can be utilized to ascertain precise ROI (return on investment) goals for each campaign.

    Yes, we have special batches and workshops on weekends. You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.

    Yes, Learnpact has Placement tie-ups with more than 100 companies in Chennai, Kolkata. Our dedicated HR desk is tasked to put your profile in front the right Hiring Managers.

    Training Testimonials

    I wanted to utilize the 1 month vacation in India to learn Digital Marketing & visit my folks. It was a good time spent & very informative course.

    Neeraj Mehra, California, USA


    The Diploma in Digital Marketing course from Learnpact helped me in the Final rounds of my Campus interview. I am working as a Brand Manager with a MNC in Mumbai.

    Suresh Rao


    Thank you Learnpact for the information and case studies shared during the course.

    Priya S

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