Certificate: Certified Rapid App Prototyping Expert    Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 3 *

Course Details: Duration: 24 Hours     Theory : Practical: 30 : 70     Placement Assistance:

Training Mode:  In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

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Build Interactive Application prototypes in an iterative manner

Axure RP Pro is the most advanced tool available on the market today that allows to create highly interactive prototypes without writing any line of code. Graphical elements can also be incorporated to create a fully functional prototype to demonstrate how the final product is intended to work and test it with real users. Prototypes can include any type of Rich Internet Application, including AJAX-style patterns, drag and drop, expanding-collapsing panels, and so on. Axure can also manage variables and create conditional logic by applying simple alghorithms, so it’s possible to simulate users authentication sessions, responsive forms, eCommerce checkout processes and so on.

Axure-wireframe-prototype-trainingWhy learn Axure?
You will benefit from this course if you are part of a user experience design team and need to be able to produce complex prototypes. As this is a hands-on course – it is most effective for : User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Usability Engineers and Interface Developers.
Axure Course Outcome?

By the end of this course, you would learn the common approaches to prototyping within a User Centred Design (UCD) context. You also be able to produce wireframes as well as interactive HTML prototypes suitable for usability testing and also Generate concise prototype specifications in Microsoft Word.

Key focus areas of this Course

✔ Design wireframes for a website using Axure RP Pro

✔ Annotate wireframes and produce documentation

✔ Create interactive website prototypes for usability testing

✔ Standardise common elements on your wireframes e.g. headers & footers (using Axure Masters & Widgets)

✔ Create dynamic interactions such as page overlays, tabs & ‘accordion’ elements (using Axure Dynamic Panels)

✔ Simulate complex form flows (using Axure Conditional Logic)

✔ Set up shared projects to allow a team to collaborate on a set of wireframes

✔ Use ready-made widget libraries for standard website elements


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    Rapid Prototyping with Axure - Course Topics

    Introduction to User Centered Design (UCD) and prototyping tools and techniques

    •   Prototyping in the context of User Centered Design (UCD).
    •   Approaches to prototyping.
    •   Axure RP Pro vs other prototyping software products.
    •   Examples of real Axure RP Pro projects.

    Understanding the Axure RP Pro interface

    •  The Axure RP Pro workspace.
    •  Axure RP Pro core functions.

    Building prototypes (wireframes)

    •  Using standard widgets to build prototypes (wireframes).
    •  Adding and customizing annotations.
    •  Using design masters.

    Adding interactivity

    • Interactions and basic conditional logic

    Generating specifications and prototypes

    • Building flow diagrams.
    • Generating Microsoft word specifications.
    • Generating HTML prototypes.

    Summary and Wrap-Up

    • Brief review of the key topics.
    • Final opportunity for questions.

    Using Axure RP pro Tool

    •  Using standard widgets to build prototypes (wireframes).
    •  Adding and customizing annotations.
    •  Using design masters.
    •  Building simple interactions and conditional logic
    •  Building flow diagrams.
    •  Generating Microsoft word specifications.
    •  Generating HTML prototypes.

    Advanced interactions

    •   Advanced interactions
    •   Advanced conditional logic.
    •   Using dynamic panels
    •   Examples of real advanced Axure RP Pro projects.
    •   Creating ‘patterns’ using masters.

     Using Widget libraries

    •  Loading custom widget libraries.
    •  Creating custom widget libraries.

     Collaboration functions

    •  Creating and using shared Axure project files.
    •   Tracking revision histories.

    Customizing specification documents

    • Customizing specification outputs.
    • Creating custom specification templates.

    Prototyping rich internet applications (RIAs)

    • Simulating animations by moving dynamic panels.
    • Inserting media files.
    • Using in-line frames and links to external files

    Integrating Axure RP Pro with other software

    • Importing and manipulating graphics files.
    • Gaining customer feedback on prototypes using AXShare.

    Summary and Wrap-Up

    • Brief review of the key topics.
    • Final opportunity for questions

    Rapid Prototyping with Axure - FAQ

    Learnpact Axure course is a hands-on, instructor-led and classroom based available in Chennai & Kolkata city. This training can be taken in part-time morning / afternoon / evening slot or even on the weekends.

    It is a hands-on course for participants who have day-to-day responsibility for creating prototypes. If your job titles include: User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Interaction Designers, Usability Engineers, Graphic/visual Designers, Interface Developers, Content Writers and Business Analysts – then you are the right place!

    Though anyone with a flair for designing can join this course. We recommend that you have some prior familiarity with User Interface(UI), and know basic concepts of Usability and User Experience(UX).

    Yes, To document your achievement, Learnpact will proudly present you with a certification award when you finish the course successfully.

    Yes, we have special batches and workshops on weekends. You can join our one-to-one or/and group training program as well.

    Yes, Learnpact has Placement tie-ups with more than 100 companies in Chennai, Kolkata. Our dedicated HR desk is tasked to put your profile in front the right Hiring Managers.

    Yes, Learnpact also arrange corporate trainings if a group of people (minimum 5) are willing to undergo Axure training at their office premises. Corporate Training can be arranged in any city of India. Get in touch with us for more details.

    Training Testimonials

    I was stuck with my career as a Photoshop designer. After doing the User Interface Designing course in Learnpact, i got good offers.

    Ravi Kiran, TCS


    I am a 5 year old designer working in a MNC currently. I joined the Axure course for self improvement. Though my company doesn’t require this at this moment, it definitely helped me in career growth.

    Prabahar Purushottam


    I am the CEO of a startup company based in Bangalore. I used to wireframe with Microsoft SketchFlow – Axure is so much better and intuitive. Thanks to Learnpact for introducing me to this great tool.

    Sathish Kumar