Which is the best Programming language to get a Job in 2014?

Which is the best Programming language to get a Job in 2014?


Before fighting over programming language; we must understand that each language is made for a specific purpose and use. Let us first find out which programming languages are meant for what purpose:

Javascript: For Web programming; this is probably the best language to learn. It is used for client-side interactions, Ajax, and plug-in development. All popular browsers have support for it. HTML5 works hand in hand with Javascript.

Ruby (on Rails) – RoR framework gives web programmers quick and easy way to start building applications which are easier to manage and scale.

PERL – PERL is the Swiss Army Knife programming language.

C / C++ They just can’t be beaten for speed and memory efficiency by any other language. However, they’re difficult to use for GUI design. Also requires more time and effort to develop.

PHP: PHP is extremely popular; Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, WordPress, and millions of other sites are built on it.

Java: Java is an object-oriented programming language used virtually everywhere – web, desktop, mobile as well as consumer appliances like DVD players and Remote cars!

We come across a lot of people who blame a “certain programming language”. In reality 9 out of 10 times – it’s the programmer who just couldn’t make best use of the programming language!

So which Programming language should you learn to get a Job?

By Popularity



By Demand




By Performance



Ranking based on GitHub hosted Projects & Questions on Stackoverflow

See below programming language rank by the frequency of projects on GitHub and questions on StackOverflow:

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. PHP
  4. C#
  5. Python
  6. C++
  7. Ruby
  8. C
  9. Objective-C
  10. CSS

So… Which is the Best programming language to get a job in 2014?

Let us try to find out what programming languages are best for what purpose with example.

When to use PHP?

To develop a Website for Social Networking – PHP would be the best choice. Reason? Because PHP has more support than ASP.NET & JSP with so many compatible frameworks, CMSes, web hosting companies. PHP as a server side language is also the fastest VS JSP and ASP.NET. Facebook runs on PHP with their own web server called – HipHop for PHP. Simply put PHP can be characterized as fast, flexible, and free.

When to use .NET?

C#.net is a very versatile and fastest growing programming language from the Microsoft stable. It is used for both web as well as desktop applications targeted at windows OS. Hence for applications where end users are expected to work both offline and online – C# with ASP.NET running on IIS server can be a wise choice.

When to use Java?

For sectors where financial transactions are involved – java / jsp finds its use more than its competitors. Reason? Because Java support server side events which can trigger and perform an action on the client machine. Java also support atomic operations which makes it more reliable. Java also runs with the help of it JVM on multiple OSes. Android SDK is also java based.

Final thoughts

We would recommend you to: stop taking advice from articles like this! Learning a new programming language is all about identifying a problem and solve it with the software tools you have at your disposal. Think about what it is you want to accomplish, and select the right tools for the job and go for it!


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  • I like PHP, because is very easy to learn and is a powerful programming language to web developer! I love it!

    Isaac Reply

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