Certificate: Professional Diploma in MixBound Marketing Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 5 *

Course Details: Duration: 72 Hours Includes Mini Project: 24 Hours Placement Assistance: ✔

Available Training Modes: In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

Marketing Mix & Multi Channel Marketing

No lead generation method ever gives constant returns; in other words, they are prone to the Law of Diminishing Returns. So a good strategy is more important than having a wide variety of channels and tools. With MixBound Marketing methodology, we show how to run and manage a multi channel marketing campaign based on your customers’ behaviors, expectations and Preferences.

What is covered in the course?

Digital analytics tools make it possible to track everything from page hits to real time visitor demographics to advertising ROI. This program shows how to use that information to your business goals and improve bottomline. Business owners, Companies and Individuals who fail to understand and make use of Analytics data end up in making decisions that would cost them money, lose customers and competitive edge in market.

What is course Outcome?

Create custom reports with a high-level strategic view of campaign, focusing on the core concepts of business value drivers which wont change even if the analytics tools continue to evolve. Understand the various metrics and map their importance with business goals to maximize your marketing success!

MixBound Marketing is strongly recommend for best ROI by testing multiple traffic sources as part of a robust app marketing strategy. A varied approach allows marketers to insulate themselves from the high costs associated with network saturation, as well as reach the largest potential audience at the best cost per user.


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