Certificate: Google Adwords Certified Professional   Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1 : 4 *

Course Details: Duration: 14 Hours     Includes Case Studies: ✔     Placement Assistance:

Training Mode: In-person ✔ Online ✔ On-site ✔

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Covering both Google Fundamental & Advanced Exams

With this globally recognized program; you can Demonstrate your knowledge and skills in Google AdWords & Online Search, Display Advertising on Web and Mobile Devices. It’s a globally recognized stamp of approval from Google(Global leaders in Internet Search). Certified participants will have thorough knowledge of the latest AdWords tools & best practice techniques to effectively manage complex AdWords PPC campaigns spanning different geographies and languages.

Learn how to create, navigate and manage PPC accounts in Google AdWords. The Google AdWords network is the most powerful, far-reaching online advertising system. Learn how AdWords works, what new features are available, how to optimize your current accounts and much more. Our comprehensive AdWords class will teach you the basics up through making the most use of the AdWords Editor and getting you ready for your AdWords Certification Test.

google-certification-training-instituteWho should join this course ?

Individuals or Companies involved in online marketing and promotions for their clients and themselves. Th course is ideal for people who are in need to get the best result out of their online Advertising Investments. By the end of this course; you will become a Google Certified Professional who will be able to design an online Ad Campaign from scratch for both Search & Display Networks.

Tell me more about Google Certification

Google conducts one fundamental and 3 advanced exams to award certification. You have to pass the fundamental exam, and one of the three advanced exams. The Fundamental Exam covers the basic concepts of AdWords advertising, while the Advanced Exams covers more advanced concepts in 6 specialized areas such as Search Advertising, Google Analytics, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising & Shopping Advertising.

What would i get from Learnpact?

We provide you practical training in Google Adwords using online & offline Google tools to create, manage, optimize and run Ad campaigns on Google. The course covers all the topics necessary to clear the Google Fundamental Exam and any one of the 6 Advanced Exams.


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Google Certification Training - Course Topics

Optional Tracks (Choose any one)

A – Advanced Search Advertising

Learn more about search advertising with Google AdWords with this advanced workshop and gain the knowledge required to prepare for the Google AdWords Search Advertising Advanced exam that can form part of an official Google Qualification. This includes:-

  • Ad formats and best practices
  • Keyword targeting methods
  • Language and Location targeting
  • Ad Extensions
  • Bidding strategies
  • Policies and Ad Quality
  • AdWords Editor
  • Performance monitoring and conversino tracking
  • Reporting
  • Optimising campaigns
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Managing multiple accounts and the AdWords MCC
  • AdWords API

B – Advanced Display Advertising

Learn more about display advertising with Google AdWords and the Google Display Network with this advanced workshop and gain the knowledge required to prepare for the Google AdWords Display Advertising Advanced exam that can form part of an official Google Qualification. This includes:-

  •  Detailed overview of the Google Display Network (GDN)
  •  Campaign planning
  •  Generating creaties
  •  Campaign setup and measurement
  •  Campaign optimisation
  •  Advertising on YouTube
  •  Cost Per Mille (CPM) bidding
  •  Brand campaigns
  •  Direct Response campaigns
  •  Remarketing campaigns

C – Reporting and Analysis

Learn how to navigate Google Analytics, analyze data and improve your overall business performance and ROI. The online marketplace has never been more competitive, no matter what practice area you’re in. Learn how to track web visitors and turn those visitors into qualified leads. Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you determine which practices are best for your business in terms of marketing and advertising online

Learn more about reporting and analyzing advertising data with Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer with this advanced workshop and gain the knowledge required to prepare for the Google AdWords Reporting and Analysis Advanced exam. This includes:-

  • Overview of the Google AdWords reporting system
  • Conversion tracking basics
  • Best practices for conversion tracking
  • Getting started with Google Analytics for AdWords campaigns
  • Google Analytics Goals and Funnels
  • Google Analytics filters
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

D – Mobile Advertising

The Google Adwords Mobile Advertising exam focuses on the basic and advanced concepts of mobile advertising. This Optional module covers topics

  • Mobile ad formats,
  • Bidding and targeting strategy for Mobile Ads
  • Mobile campaign measurement and optimization

E. Video Advertising

The Google Adwords Video Advertising exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimizing video advertising campaigns across YouTube and the web.

F. Shopping Ads

The Shopping Advertising exam covers basic to advanced concepts related to creating a Merchant Center account, link it with your website product data feed, and creating and managing Shopping campaigns.

  • Merchant Center account creation & management
  • Product data feed submission and optimization
  • Creating and managing Shopping campaigns in AdWords
  • How Product Listing Ads work
  • Shopping campaign bidding and optimization strategy

Google Certification Training - FAQ

Candidates who are already in the field of marketing can get tremendous benefit from this program. Also management students such as BBA and MBA can prove their skillsets to employers. Google Certification also helps in demanding better salary package.

Anyone can join the program who are familiar with Advertising and Web. The program is designed to help old-school marketers grasp the techniques and tools necessary to create outstanding marketing campaigns as well as for Freshers with no previous knowledge in Marketing.

We are glad you asked! The structure of the test are a mix of multiple choice and true/false. You can expect around 100 questions in the online test with 90 minutes to answer them. Pass score is 80%, but if you don’t pass you can re-take the exam in 7 days. As with many other Google certification exams, the questions can’t be skipped and answered later on. You must answer them at one go and proceed to the next question. Once you clear this exam, it will be valid for 12 months!

We have special batches for the GCP certification training course especially designed for working professionals on Saturday & Sunday. Please get in touch with one of our counselors for information on the current availability of slots.

Learnpact has direct Tieups with more than 100 companies in Chennai and Kolkata for placement. We can help both Freshers as well as Experienced Professionals to get a New Job with good remuneration.

Yes, Learnpact will help you in preparing for the Google Adwords exam with the help of mock exams so that you can do well during the main exam and clear it in first attempt.

Google does its best attempt to always change the Adwords exam pattern as frequently as possible. Changes in the question also happen due to changes in Adword platform too. We will do our best to prepare you with mock exams and concept learning through live Adword campaigns. We have a 97.3% success ratio for clearing Adwords exam so far.

If your intention is to clear the exam with some quick fix, then we are sorry to say that you are at a wrong place! A practical training on adwords from our Google certified faculty will give you better results than cheat sheet. The concepts and practical also helps you in clearing interview rounds and while you work at projects later on.

You can write your exam from Learnpact Kolkata, Learnpact Chennai exam centers itself. We are Google Adwords affiliated and authorised to undertake the exam and proctor it.

Google Adwords exam follows the standards of GMAT and CAT exams. There will be multiple choice questions with no option to skip and review later. Pass percentage is 80. From our experience in training and helping hundreds of participants – the difficulty is 7 on a scale of 10.

Yes we do train candidates with a mock question bank as a part of the pre exam preparatory process. But we encourage you to learn the art and science of digital advertising with Google Adwords and not entirely depend on a question bank.

ipassexam.com is an online self learning platform with pre recorded lectures. While at Learnpact, our training method & delivery mode is face to face and practical hands-on, hence it will not be wise to compare the two as both are different kinds of programs.

Training Testimonials

I work with Royal Sundaram Insurance in Online Marketing. It was always my dream to clear the Google Exam. And thanks to Learnpact, i could clear both the exams in 1st attempt.

Narayanan S


I got my first job as an Online Marketing Executive. The training given by Learnpact; greatly helped me clear the exam and get a job.

Kumar P


I got Google Certified even before completing my MBA. I hope it helps me in getting good jobs and offers during campus rounds.

Mahalakshmi R

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